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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It was a miracle, the kids all slept past 9 am today!!! In fact, I was the first one up and didn't have to listen to crying and screaming while I did my first few morning things. Why, oh why did the kids sleep so late do you ask?? Well it was the trip to grammas and auntie Kristies that wore them out!
I decided thursday evening to make a road trip with the kids to grammas! Yes, me alone with 4 kids in the car for 2 hours. But great news, the babies slept almost the whole way! The key is leaving at just the right moment for that long ride! We stopped at auntie Krisites on the way down to check out her new pool, and WOW, can I say WOW was it nice!!! Heated and everything! All the bells and whistles! The kids swam all day and into the evening. Even Ella went in the water, although hesitantly! Taylor didn't get out of the pool, but to eat! Cameron was generally in their the whole time as well. Ella was only in the pool a bit, clinging on to me or another adult, but enjoyed splashing on the stairs. Her most fun was had in Aubrey's toy car, and I think I convinced her daddy that she NEEDS one. Jack dipped his toes in the water, screamed and I kept him out the rest of the time.
Saturday was another day hanging out at the pool, hours upon hours!! Uncle Jay and Uncle Mic even joined us. Sunday we had brunch with the Corbins at Grampa Larry's house, yummy (also found out cousin Lisa is pregnant and due in December)! Then we hung out with Papa T's family and had a bbq. Monday was another busy day, lunch with Gramps, then more swimming at Kris's. We left tuesday morn, rested a bit at home, Cam went swimming at Levi's, then had a baseball game, his last one!!! THey won the game, 14-5! Cam didn't get any hits this game, but he did get hit both times up to bat, both times in the leg, what does that do to your batting average???
So after all that activity, guess it is understandable that the kids were so tired!!!