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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What is going on in little Jack's life? He is one busy guy I tell ya! Yesterday he figured out how to climb up the slide all by himself!! What took the rest of the kids till after age 2, Jack is doing at 13 months! Such a monkey! So now I can't go far from him in the backyard, cause he thinks if he turns around by the ladder he will be able to get down from the fort all by himself, ummmm Jack? Did you notice you are 5 feet above the ground?
Jack started saying Tee, for Taylor!!! He looks at her, tries to get her attention and yells Tee, Tee, he gets so excited! She should feel super special as his vocabulary only consists of ma, da, baba, ball, bye and now Tee! Of course ball is his favorite!
I was watching him play today, admiring his cheesy smile, and it reminded me just how much he looks like Cam, it amazes me some times! Hey lucky me, 2 really good looking guys!!! Moms, watch your daughters!

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