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Monday, July 23, 2007

Big dreams?
Jack's favorite thing in the world right now,well maybe closer to obsession, is this baseball bat, well any bat really. It started at Cam's last baseball game, he saw some bats hanging out of the coach's bag and immediately went after them, and then screamed when we had to leave and he had to give the bat up. Everytime we go to Kris's he will only swim in the pool if he is holding on to one of her foam bats. I found one at Target and bought it for him and he is often seen running around the house holding onto it. He found this bat at gramma's house. We went for a walk friday night, he sat in the stroller the whole time holding onto this bat, some how it ended up in the car, so each car trip that weekend he had to have it. We were leaving gramma's sunday evening and he saw the bat getting into his seat, and screamed like crazy till I handed it to him! Less then 10 minutes into our drive, Jack was out, holding tight to his bat!


Michelle *aka Chelle* said...

These pics are so stinkin' cute Amy! I can't wait to see the LO! :) What is it with a boy and a bat anyway? Bry is the same way!

Jes said...

so cute!!!