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Monday, August 06, 2007

All of Cam's tests went well. As boring as a day sounds in the hospital, Cam spent that time mostly eating!! He ordered 4 different meals in 7 hours, thanks to room service! Chicken nuggets, fries, pizza, grilled cheese, pancakes, bacon, and tons of snacks!! I have never seen him eat so much in my life! We also played Phase 10 and watched some movies. He wasn't allowed far from the bed because of all the wires, so no walking halls and stuff. He got released early saturday morn, and even though his MRI was scheduled after lunch, they snuck us in early! Thank goodness he didn't have to be sedated, cause that took even less time! And I bribed him to hold still with a Pokemon game and $5. But hey, I would have gotten them for him either way. He was a brave little guy!!!
Here he is all wired up, they are just stuck on his head with goo, and then they wrapped him like a mummy!

1 comment:

Stacy said...

Even with all that crap on his head he still seems like such a happy dude! Hope all the tests come back ok!