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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A few updates but no pictures to go with them!
Today Jack told me "I love you" for the first time! Talk about heart melting! I did get it on camcorder and I'll try to get that on here soon!!! You just can't capture that in a picture!! It felt sooooo good hehe! As much of a stinker that little one is, he is one of the sweetest lil guys I know!
I got to go furniture shopping today!!! Why you ask? I have a houseful of furniture? Well the stuff we got for the living room less then 2 years ago is falling apart! Holes in the material, springs busting in the couch, and more problems. So the store manager told me today that we could have a 90% credit toward new furniture, we took it, and got some nice black leather furniture!!! Easy clean up and should last a looooong time, should...
And that brings me to this... I'm putting myself on another challenge, a 150 layout challenge, no buying goodies (with a few exceptions) until I use up some of my scrap stash! And I've decided some of those pages will be posted on here, cause I love sharing my layouts! So be prepared!

1 comment:

Cheri Pryor said...

Awww! Special mommmy moment. How sweet!

Have fun with that challenge. I'm soooo not doing another one after Stephanie abandoned me the first time.