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Thursday, April 24, 2008

How much my Tay is like me. Take for instance yesterday, she is to make playdough for school, she has a recipe to follow. You cook it on the stove, but because the recipe never said to stir the playdough, she didn't and burnt the bottom of it. So then she stirred it lol.
That isn't all! SHe wanted to make an extra batch for extra credit. Well she didn't clean the pan out, so it had the burnt crusty stuff at the bottom. She did stir it this time around, which mixed the burnt crusty stuff in with the new playdough! I told her, see we didn't buy food coloring now you have cream with brown polka dot colored playdough!
She is a disaster in the kitchen just like her mom!!!
Oh and another, one of those nasty bugs with all the legs crawled out of the closet onto her, and she screams! I thought she was going to cry! lmao! I couldn't stop laughing and I had tears in my eyes! She said great, now you are probably going to put this on your blog!!!

1 comment:

Teresa Loop said...

Of course you have to put these things on your blog, how else are we going to know what is going on there????

Love the pictures of the kids - they are a riot!