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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Wow! I have had this blog almost 2 whole years, and being that this is my 200th post, I'm making it all about me! Cause I never talk about me lol!
Today was brick paver day! Jamie did the digging of the whole with help from a friend. I've helped load rocks in the whole for days. Today was the finishing day! It started with shoveling a ton and a half of dirt into the whole. I helped with about half of that. Then I helped pack it down, and moved most of the bricks to the driveway. And my fav part? I got to lay down most of the bricks! Jamie just got the pattern started and I went from there! Oh and I have proof! Here is me in my pretty blue dragonfly gloves! And thank goodness I put those on as there were a lot of bugs involved!!!


Georgina said...

waytogo! great job!!! looks "amazing" !! :)

Patti H said...

that is some pretty hard labour you got going on! LOL