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Friday, September 12, 2008

Well it is now official, Ella is 4 today! She is currently getting ready for bed, so her special day is going to be over shortly, it is reading a book time with daddy, one of her fav times of the day!
Ella woke up a bit early this morn and asked me if she could come into bed with me, how could I resist? Then I remember it is her birthday! I snuggle her close and wish her a happy birthday which is followed by some sweet Ella giggles.
Ella's teachers stopped by today and I signed some papers and we talked a bit. They wished Ella a Happy Birthday and gave her some paper and crayons, she was very excited! Then off to Meijer's to pick out a Barbie and get a birthday cake with her name on it! And off to McDonald's to meet with her new friend Emma for a play date! We came home and Jack took a nap while I helped her build a room out of paper for her new Barbie. She wasn't feeling too hot so she watched a little tv and relaxed a bit. After dinner it was time to sing Happy Birthday and blow out her candle (ok, so it was a scented one, I couldn't find any birthday candles!)
I think she had a pretty good day!

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