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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Monster Trucks!
2 of the most heard words around these here parts, Jack has brought the love of monster trucks into our house. Jamie used to have posters of all the monster trucks in his room so maybe it is hereditary? Tivo is set up to record monster trucks every morning, they lie all around our house and get stepped on often, a day never goes by without something to do with monster trucks.
Jack has quite a few, and knows the names of most, and even knows which one a girl drives, cause that is the one that mom gets to play with! I don't know which one is his favorite, tough toss up between Maximum Destruction and Grave Digger. And whenever they come on tv Jack will grab the matching monster truck and drive it around! His favorite time is when they flip over.
I'm sure when the monster jam comes to an area by us Jamie will be the first in line, and can I just say that after all this watching with Jack, I think I want to sit next to him and get to see it all in person as well?


Anonymous said...

Boys love their trucks huh?! Ian's favorite is Grave Digger.

Fink said...

I have been to monster trucks & it was so cool! Love the photos!

Cheri Pryor said...

Such a boy. Before you know it he will be armpit farting, putting frogs in his pockets and pulling a girl's hair. lmao!!

Cheri Pryor said...

Love me some Big Foot....but I'm a redneck chick at heart. lol!