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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Ok, 2 posts in one day! I need to blog our Halloween adventures!!! It all started on a spooky thursday evening... We headed down for Halloween this year and started at Kris's birthday thursday night. We carved pumpkins, munched a lot, and visited more! There was a huge get together for a trip to Tilson street! I've never been before, it is just a street like any other by Kris's house, but all of the neighbors go all out and decorate! I'm bummed I didn't have my camera, cause it was COOL! One guy even had a full size hearse with a coffin in it that slid in and out and opened! Spooky! And he also had a fake jailbird in an electric chair that got zapped and smoke started coming out his ears! Awesome! We were walking out there for a good hour and a half checking out the spooky block, we will so be going back next year!

Jack found a guitar and was jamming! I think I know now what mommy wants to get him for Christmas, he is a rock star after all...

On Friday Gramma and I went to the gym for 2 whole hours! Not only did we work out, but we got to do some swimming, hit the hot tub and the steam room and sauna! Dang I wish I had a gym closer!
Then Friday night was trick or treating! We went to Kris's friends the Benderts, they have a great neighborhood for the kids to do their trick or treating! And of course being that Mic and Shane were part of it, instead of loading kids into the bike trailer, there were 2- 5 gallon pails with ice and beer! Everyone had walky talkies to keep in contact which came in handy for beer drop offs! This was Jack's year for trick or treating, he figured out how to do it and there was no stopping him! He didn't understand at first why we sent him to that house with a bag and told him to say trick or treat, but when the lady gave him a whole bunch of candy, his eyes got big and he said, I want to do more trick or treats mom!
I wonder what Kris is doing with the 100 pounds of candy her kids ended up with?


Leslie said...

rock on Jack!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA LOVE the pictures of Jammin Jack!

Fink said...

Looks and sounds like everyone had a blast for Halloween! Love the costumes!