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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Back to school is coming up quick for us, and I realized though my almost 6 year old is going on her 3rd year of school, I haven't done a back to school layout for her yet! So here is a preschool layout! Imagine my suprise when that big bus pulled up in front of my house to pick up my 4 year old!!! It even had an air lift it was so big! And do you know how funny it is to see just a few 4 year olds in that big bus? It was strictly for the preschool pick-up, that huge bus for those little kids hehe!
Again with the embossing for me! The letter title is from Graphically Speaking, love that cartridge! Love the abc's around the title box!
Again for the embossing look, I flip the colored metal sheet from Ten Second Studios colored side down, then sanded the debossed side to let the silver come through.
The journaling block is with the mini gel pen holder, I make a bunch at a time so I always have one available! I simply made rectangle lines in Design Studio across the whole page, then put the shapes I want to cut on another page.
The papers are Imaginesce.


Amy said...

Love it! Can't believe prek as buses there. It's not offered in public schools here.

Anonymous said...

This page is soooo cool...you are a true artist. thanks for sharing. Mary in Hong Kong