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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Halloween is coming, one of my fav times of year!! But I have a problem with Halloween, and that is the amount of pictures I take! And I have such a hard time deciding which ones to use! So I decided to put together a few photo collages to make these pages easier to scrap! Here is my first one from Ella's young 5's class!
Speaking of collage, I put together another collage in Design Studio with Happy Haunting and embossed it with the embossing kit on Ten Second Studios metal! I think it turned out pretty darned cool! I'm still amazed with the fine details I can get. Again to get this look, put your metal sheet color side down, and make sure you flip your images in Design Studio. Here is a screen shot of what my file looked like...

And here it is all embossed & sanded...

Here is the rest of the page with my photo collage! The paper and embellies are Making Memories.


Anonymous said...

I love this layout as i do all of your layouts. I do have a request though. can you make an embossing pen that fits in uour pen holder. if you do i promise i will buy it. thanks K

Amy Chomas said...

K, we made the embosser to fit directly into the machine so there would be no extra parts to buy for the people that just wanted an embosser. And if we made one to fit into the gel pen holder, it would still cost the same as it would take my hubby just as long to design and make.
Hope that makes sense! It isn't the size of it that makes the price difference! Amy

Anonymous said...

what i would like is a pen that has embossing fluid for heat embossing that will fit in your pen holder like the gel pens and that can write like the gel pens but w/ embossing fluid that you can apply embossing powder to. K

Amy Chomas said...

I see! Wet embossing.
I misunderstood. That would be cool.