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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bumblebee Transformer layout with Chomas Creations embossing and micro Sharpie

Transformers, Day 2!  My son is also a big fan and there was no getting out of making him a Transformers layout!  Which he has already claimed as his own and he wants to hang in his room!  lol  The download for this image is at the bottom of this post.
I took the same image for the birthday card for Make-the-Cut that is yesteday's post, added Bumble Bee's name instead, and again embossed that with the Chomas Creation's embossing kit on black Ten Seconds Studio metal sheet (face down).  I then sanded the debossed side for this look...

Then I took the Transformer image, used the duplicate feature in Make-the-Cut and added a bunch to my page, and used the Chomas Creations micro Sharpie holder to draw the image on a silver metal sheet.  I always start with the micro Sharpie on minimum pressure, and adjust according to the machine if I need to. 

Last of all I added some journaling strips and some cool gears by Little Yellow Bicycle.
If you want the download for the Transformer embossed image, and the micro Sharpie image, head on over to here to download... Transformers Bumble Bee 

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