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Saturday, September 08, 2012

Metal clay & the Chomas Creations engraving tip

This is a very exciting post for me!  I got a few messages on facebook from the group MCSILies about women using the Chomas Creations engraving tip in the Cameo with metal clay to make jewerly.  I was just amazed at what is being done!  This post is by Wanaree from A Work in Progress.  Read to the end to find out how you can learn more about this process, and be prepared to be amazed!

Metal clay is a malleable form of metal that can be formed much like ceramic clay, but once it's fired it's completely 100%, solid metal, with all the qualities that come with that metal. Before it's fired, it's soft enough to sculpt, impress textures into, and wonderful to engrave. The texture plates, or hard sided stamps was created from an original design drafted on the Silhouette designer software, then cut and engraved using the Chomas Creations engraving tip.
  Those stamps were pressed into two flat slabs of the Sterling clay and allowed to air dry until it reached a leather hard state. The clay was run thought the Silhouette, and the Tibetan "OM" symbol was engraved into the ring's front panel, and "om mani padme hum" engraved into the ring back. The silver clay was then fired to 1500F and cooled. Now it's completely solid sterling silver! The ring was hammered into shape and then soldered together, with the engravings facing in.

**Want to hear more? On September 12th, 8PM EST, you can join in for the free, live, online event "More I Love Tools" through www.CRAFTCAST.com. Craftcast specializes in providing, online, project oriented workshops, featuring some of the top names in their craft fields. During the event you'll hear more about this process, get the chance to win some great giveaway prizes, and receive discount codes for some of the fabulous tools that will be featured. Don't miss out! Sign up here: http://t.co/KzhUqFhH

**The videos of the Craftcast are now up on youtube for you to watch here... metal clay ring  The ring is shown at the end of part 1 and beginning of part 2 in the video list.
Thanks so much Wanaree for sharing your talent with us all! 
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Bunnyfreak said...

Wow. Stunning pieces.

Maria Paray said...

Wanaree is a rock star! Looking forward to "More I Love Tools" and can't wait to see what she has figured out with that engraver of yours! So Amy, will you have any giveaway prizes or discount codes, hint hint???

I am so loving all this networking and knowledge being shared - you are all fantastic!

Rebecca said...


Shawn Mosch said...

WOW . . . that is GREAT!!!! Do you mind if I use this as a guest blog spot on my site?


Alex Don said...

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