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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Baby Addison is here! Ha, faster than a speeding bullet... She is so sweet, I can't wait to see the little peanut again! She was born Friday at 1:56, just 11 minutes after my sis got to the hospital!!!

New windows are coming! Finally! After getting Nov/Dec bill we decided instead of throwing money out the window, literally, we would put that money into new windows! So how suprised was I when they asked if they could come today? Ok, more like overwhelmed! But 3 are almost in, lots more to go. Hey those are some big window holes to fill!

Jack is starting to pull himself up onto everything (pictures to come soon with his latest accomplishment)! Of course that means lots of falling down. It was so sweet today, I was cleaning with some Clorox wipes, and he fell backwards (ok, that isn't the cute part), well I couldn't just grab him with that stuff on my hands, so I was rinsing them, well apparently I was taking too long, so Ella went and started hugging him, rubbing his head, telling him he was ok!!! How sweet!

Everyone went sledding today! We finally got snow in Michigan yesterday! We couldn't get Ella out of it! She started begging me to go outside the minute she saw all that snow! Lucky for her Cam was home from school because of teacher in service, so she was out before 10 am, and for quite awhile! There were snow angels to be made, a slide to go down fast, and snow to eat! She was so cute out there!


ChrissyW said...

look how CUTE they both are - LOOOOOVE her pants and coat - too cute!

Amanda said...

Ella looks so cute all bundled up! Baby Addison is just a doll...love newborn photos!