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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Tutorial filling in fonts with internal offset

I got so many questions on how I filled my design on my last post that I figured I would do a quick tutorial for you!  It is actually quite easy and takes less then a minute!  The designs are all Studio downloads.
Click on the offset feature (1) then click on internal offset (2).  You can adjust the offset up and down to space the lines inside your design (3).
Make sure you highlight the outside of your design each time you do this and keep changing the offset up and down until it looks full.  This is a small design, so I did the internal offset 4 times and it completely filled in my design. 
I then added a Sakura Moonlight Gelly roll gel pen to the Chomas Creations adjustable pen holder, adjusted the thickness to 6 and the speed to 3 and drew my design.  Notice that my design is moved away from the white rollers to prevent smearing.

And here is my finished card!!!  Doesn't it look like chalk on chalkboard!

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