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Getting started!

If you are thinking of ordering one of the Chomas Creations tools, or you just got one, or you have had it awhile and are coming here to get started, this is your go to!

These are links to help you get started.  I will give you ideas for loading your Chomas Creations tools, for different settings to try,

Loading your Chomas Creations tools is super simple!  After you take the blade out of your machine, add the tool where your blade normally goes.  Now tighten the screw on your machine to keep the holder in place!  Super simple!  Here is a video using the Chomas Creations adjustable pen holder in the machine.  The concept is the same for all of my tools!

Here is a post on why I offer both a pen and marker holder.  I did a lot of research with a lot of friends and we all agreed that sometimes more is better... why I offer both a pen and marker holder

Here is an idea of some of the settings to use for different pens and markers...  settings

And the best part of this whole post?  I'm here to help!  If you still can't figure it out, shoot me an email!  amyc222@yahoo.com

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Unknown said...

I love love the etching tool for my Cricut Air 1. I posted a video on cricut site and had over 700 request of where to get it so you may be getting a ton of orders. Would love to try some of your other tools and do a video on my cricut site so if you are interested I would love to do that. I gave everyone your link from Amazon so I'm sure you will be getting a lot of orders. ❤️