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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Just cause he is so cute!!!! I was doing a 1 year old photo shoot and Cam wanted to get in on the fun!!! He was posing for me on the cement animals, the goof!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Future hairdresser?

Taylor did my hair for me shortly after dinner while I was still sitting at the table. She thought she was so funny, but I know I am the funnier one because when I told her I was going to wear my hair like that and ride right next to her on our bike ride, she quickly took the braids out!!!

Where did Jack's hair go?

This was Ella's question to me a few baths back, right after I poured some water on Jack's head, and his hair literally disappeared. It is sooo white! Don't mind the not so hot pictures, I wanted to make sure I got some before his hair stopped disappearing!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My little pumper!!!!

Taylor had her 3 month check up today, which means she has been on the pump around 4 1/2 months, well her A1C is down again! We were high fiving in the office, I was ready to cry! She went from a 10.5 in January, to a 8.4 in April, and now she is at a 7.5!!!! This is awesome news! It means the amount of sugar that is in your blood, which affects how thick it is, thick is BAD! They want your A1C around 7, so she is doing awesome! I'm hoping it is below 7 next time we go in!!! This means her blood sugars average around 150, which isn't too shabby, but they should be closer to 120 or a little lower.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Big dreams?
Jack's favorite thing in the world right now,well maybe closer to obsession, is this baseball bat, well any bat really. It started at Cam's last baseball game, he saw some bats hanging out of the coach's bag and immediately went after them, and then screamed when we had to leave and he had to give the bat up. Everytime we go to Kris's he will only swim in the pool if he is holding on to one of her foam bats. I found one at Target and bought it for him and he is often seen running around the house holding onto it. He found this bat at gramma's house. We went for a walk friday night, he sat in the stroller the whole time holding onto this bat, some how it ended up in the car, so each car trip that weekend he had to have it. We were leaving gramma's sunday evening and he saw the bat getting into his seat, and screamed like crazy till I handed it to him! Less then 10 minutes into our drive, Jack was out, holding tight to his bat!

She's here!!!

Little Miss Leah that is!!! Sheila had a c-section friday, July 20th and at 8:26 little Leah was here! She weighed in at 6 pounds 7 ounces and is 18 1/2 inches long, such a petite little one! We got to see her on the way down for a few minutes, then for quite awhile on saturday for her first official photo shoot! Jase came sunday to Gramma's for awhile and Jay, Sheila and Leah came to get him, so I got even more snuggle time with her!!! Mommy and baby are doing great!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

For the love of blueberries!!!!

Jack was sure in blueberry heaven yesterday! Gramma Aggie stopped and picked up 2 box tops filled with blueberries! Jack saw them and couldn't stop looking and giggling! Then he grabbed them and started eating them! Later he tried to get into the blueberries feet first, I'm sure he would have loved to sit in them and eat them if I had let him hehe!! We ended up with 9 quarts of blueberries, not to mention what we ate before they got put into baggies!
So blueberries for breakfast! You don't always need your hands for eating them!!!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Well being that it is 7-7-07, and I will never ever get to see that date again, why not a post about it? What did we do on 7-7-07...
Well we weren't up super early, 8:30 the kiddies started getting up, so we ate some breakfast and relaxed a bit. I decided to finally paint the kids' bathroom, unfortunately I need to put on another coat and I sooo don't feel like doing it! Got 2 loads of laundry done, made a card for Amanda's graduation party, dressed the kids for the party, and seeing as to how cute they were, took a few miutes for pictures! Then off to the graduation party, for food, and lots of fun for the kiddies! Ella made a new friend, her and Sydney hung out all day and played so nice togehter in the rocks and dirt!!! 2 sweet little girls in dresses digging in dirt, too funny! Jack was getting sleepy so I left Jamie and Ella there and walked home and got him ready for bed. Now both kids are in bed, my feet are up and I'm relaxing!!! Although Jack is starting to cry upstairs, that stinker!!! I'm sooo not going to get him!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

What a busy week our family has had!!! I guess I can start with Friday, we headed to Kris's for some swimming and dinner, got there around 2, left for Gramma's around 8. That is a lot of swimming! I also got these cute pics of Addie in the baptism dress. Then Saturday we went to Kris's to watch her kids so she could shop for Addie's baptism party, then took the kids putt putting, out to ice cream, then back to Grammas to go to bed. Sunday before the baptism we hit the mall as Taylor had to exchange her ripped pants, Cameron needed some shorts to wear, and Jack needed some shoes. Then off to the baptism, got some pics of the whole family together, and off to Kris's for Addie's party. Had to leave around 5, stopped on our way home for dinner, then off to our first night of fireworks. Also hit the children's fair, and rides and more fireworks monday night. Then Kris and her kids and Gramma came up Tuesday, and we hit the fair again, rides again, and fireworks, grand finale night on Tuesday. Come Wednesday I was whooped, and Cam and Tay left with Gramma for a 4th of July party at Kris's. I was lazy and put my feet up, I had enough celebrating for a few years all wrapped into a few days!!!