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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Here are some more pages I've been working on! Don't think I got these done quickly, most were just waiting to get uploaded here!

Here is my Ella at age 2! This is one of the funny things she said, and I found an unfinished page with the pics and journaling from who knows how long ago, so I restarted it! I guess I should say to be prepared to see a lot of these attached titles cause I have been having a lot of fun with a program that I have had, just never used!

Another page that has been sitting forever just waiting for finishing touches! Don't know why I do that, guess I can't figure them out, and set it aside. I really like how it turned out though!

Here is Jack with his birthday present, he just loves boy toys, so this was perfect for him! That and Evan and Ethan had it!

I'm dealing with my birthday each year, and even look forward to the family photo with me and the kids every year, so here is this years...

Some more old pics I ran across of Ella celebrating her 2nd birthday! Hard to believe she will be 5 in less then 2 months!

Some very very old pics of the kids swimming with my mom while camping! More of those that got set aside waiting for the right papers and forgotten about, I'm soooo far behind!

One of Cam's fav things to do (then and now) is to enter the pool with a splash!!! Yes old pics again lol!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Some more pages! Jamie and I have had a lot of fun with the Spongebob cartridge on my Cricut, I am the cutter, he is the gluer! And being that the kids love Spongebob sooo much, it will come in handy on a lot of pages I am sure!

And I had a blast on these pages including lots of glitter and some fun metal like paper, yes we are nuts!

And some super old pics I finally got to! Yes Jack is a baby here, that makes them just 3 years old!

This is just so I don't forget...
Tonight while Jack had his arms wrapped around my neck he told me "I just can't stop hugging you". So no matter how many Jack stories you hear that are less then flattering, know that he has a very sweet side!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

So we were luckily up at 5:21 am (luckily cause neither mine or dh's alarm went off, eeeek), and to the train station at 7:10, the train left at 7:47am. The kids waiting for the train...

My dork husband and Tay, Gramma Aggie and kids, and Cam and Grampa Al on the train, it was a 5 hour train ride and we packed so many goodies, my laptop for movies, game boys... you get the picture

Got to the hotel just before 2 pm and did some wandering, here is a pic of the hotel we stayed in, as nice as it looks those tightwads did NOT offer free wireless internet (hello get with the ages) and wanted to charge $12.95 a DAY to use their wired service, OUCH!

This moose cracked me up, notice it is anatomically correct!

Jack made it till around 4 pm and couldn't take life anymore, he conked out in the stroller lol! He is sleeping while we were enjoying some Chicago style pizza! lol

Ella and Cam posing in front a fountain, being goobs.

We then hit Millenium park, AWESOME! Check this big thing out...

Then we hit this awesome fountain! The faces change and squirt out water, we didn't plan for it so the poor kids were in their clothes lol...

And look at what a good big brother Cam is! He hooked Jack up!

After the fountain we headed to the SEARS tower lol! The greedy people that bought the place tried to change the name, but no one calls it the Willis Tower so Sears it is lol! Poor kids were still a bit wet, and we waited in line FOREVER to get up it, but it was soooo cool! These are the glass boxes that you got to go in, you could see straight down...

That structure straight down isn't the bottom, it is another layer halfway down!

Notice I cut the "Willis" out of the pic lol

The kids were whooped and in bed by 8 that night, so dh and I got to go for a night on the town and I met up with one of my high school friends!!! Sooo cool, we sat on a terrace 10 stories up, looked down on the city at night, had martinis and sushi! And caught up with someone I haven't seen in 15 years!
Up bright and early the next morn, we hit the Field Museum! 90% of their dinosaur bones there are REAL! I took tons of pics of them for a book for Jack!

We also got to ride in a limo to go to a fancy dinner we had reservations for! Couldn't find a taxi lol! So here we are in shorts and tshirts, in a limo, then go to a fancy restaurant, no one told us it was fancy, the hotel made the reservations, we just wanted to go to the Weber grill lol! I don't have pics of that, they are on the MIL's camera! But too funny lol! Talk about feeling out of place!
The next day we hit the Shedd aquarium! Awesome place! Got to see some really cool Beluga whales, and the kids loved the penguins! But here are some of us waiting for the dolphin show and Ella checking out the beluga whales...

None of my pics from the aquarium really turned out, was a bummer! That place was super dark and no flash photography! is Jack's super meltdown lol! Gotta document the good and the bad! I had to take him outside it was soooo bad!

Here we all are outside the aquarium...

Ella was tired and the sun was too bright lol!

On the way back you could see the whole city, so here is another family shot...

And this is in front of the Married with Children fountain lol...

We made the poor kids walk back to the hotel to whoop them out before the train ride. So Ella and Jack end up zonked in the strollers...

The end! lol