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Friday, December 28, 2007

Saturday we did our annual Chomas family Christmas!!! And of course we were all spoiled rotten as usual! Dad got a gift card to Home Depot, a handsaw and some martini glasses. I got a gift card to the scrapbook store and some gloves. Tay got 2 gift cards for shopping and some body wash. Cam got a game for the Wii and a remote control helicopter and some books. Ella got Squakers McCaw, a talking parrot, Wac-a-mole and a talking piggy bank. Jack got a ball pit with 120 balls and a bunch of puzzles! We got Pa some super expensive whiskey, a remote control helicopter and a bunch of cheese and Ma got a foot massager, a set of knives and a bunch of pictures she had been wanting. See, all of us got spoiled!!! We all loaded up and went to Ponderosa for dinner, so no clean up around here! Then we played toys all night!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

So every year at this time I get this crazy idea to gather all 4 kids around and get good pics of each of them, yeah, super crazy I know! But it has to be done, everything changes so quick, they grow way too fast. So here are this years! Taylor is 13, Cameron is 9, Ella is 3 and big man Jack is 19 months!

WHere are my decorating the tree pics? How could I forget to put them up here? We got the BIGGEST tree ever this year, Jamie had to get on a ladder to decorate it, being a comedian the whole time! Even Jack joined in the tree decorating fun, although it was mostly to take the decorations off. Ella took her job very seriously this year but put most of her ornaments in the same spot! Cam and Tay were quite the help, getting on the oraments in the middle!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

So I was dared to sing a Christmas song by Lesle! Well I can't resist a dare, hope you love it heehe!

Monday, December 17, 2007

The little ones went to see Santa today!!! I thought for sure Jack would be excited and sit with him, he had a lot of run ins with Santa and he never freaked when he saw him, he even got excited and said "Santa, Santa, ho", yes only one ho, I am working on getting him to say more lol! Well nope, Jack did not want to sit on Santa's lap, he didn't cry and scream, just said "no", his usual. So a picture of Jack trying to get off of Santa's lap, oh well.
Now Ella on the other hand, so sweet, walking right up there, sitting on Santa's lap, giving him a big hug, listening to the book he was reading, telling him she wanted a pony for Christmas (the $250 pony Butterscotch, the stuffed animal that is 3 feet tall and neighs and moves), she was as sweet as can be!
Cameron has decided that he is too old for sitting on Santa's lap this year, bummer...

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Out in the snow!
That is where the kids were today! Ella wakes up to a yard full of snow and the first thing she wants to do is go out and play! So I bundle her up, Cam bundles up, and they are headed outside and Jack tries to follow, BAREFOOT!!! BRRRR Jack, he did not like that feeling! So on the hunt for boots for Jack, I knew they would be pink, but couldn't find the warm matching ones, darnit! So there lie the pink rain boots, good enough, throw on a couple pairs of socks and layer the baby up, and daddy takes him outside! He LOVED it! Daddy pulled him around in the sled, then he got to go down the slide, and when it was time to come in there was quite a FIT thrown by Jack! He so did not want to! OF course when I told him it was time for a bath he ran up the stairs and forgot all about going "side". Cam had a blast pushing Ella down the little hill in our backyard, and Ella was quite the trooper staying out there so long!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Has the "no" in Jack's vocab been replaced?? Could it be?? Now when Jack is asked a question it can be followed by "I do" instead of "no" at times, just depends on his mood! So my fav question to ask Jack now?? "Who loves mommy???"
Just cause I know he will eventually stop doing it, and I want to remember exactly how cute it is...
Jack loves Dora. He is always singing... do do do do do do Dora. I sing it back to him, then he goes "n Boots" in this cute questioning voice! Jack likes Dora so much in fact that when Gramma jokingly asked "Do you think Jack would like the Dora bike, they are out of the boy one", I told her we aren't going to ask Jack that cause he would for sure say yes!!!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Jack's 18 month check up...
Was rather interesting today, to say the least! All he did while I tried to talk to the pediatrician was run, open cupboards, run, climb on stuff, run, tried escaping out the door, run, get into things, and run, and did I mention run around like a mad man? She actually asked me if ADD ran in the family! Guess she is worried about our future, lmao! He is very busy to say the least. I tell her the teeth story and she sees the scar on his tongue, and says, oh did they stitch it? Thinking they were from the same time, I'm like no, that is from awhile ago! :duh: Seriously, that BOY, sheeesh!
So he is almost 32 pounds and almost 3 feet tall! So she showed me the growth chart and said he is average size for a 3 year old!!!! WOW! Well he is almost as tall as my 3 year old nephew, but still, that is BIG!
As far as his constantly runny nose, she said that is normal because of the bigger kids bringing home germs. So guess it is something to live with!
Oh and let me just add the possiblity of Jack having NIGHT TERRORS! I asked her about him waking up screaming and she thinks that is what it is. So tonight I'm supposed to go in and rouse him, not wake him all the way, about 30 minutes before he would normally have them. Wish me luck that I don't wake him up completely so that he never goes to bed tonight!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Proof that Jack is a man...
Ok so a little man, but these things must be born into them??? So I leave the room for 1 minute, with my drink on the table and come back to this??? Jack in my spot, drink in lap, REMOTE in hand!! He knows he's the man! Ok, so I do need to mention that is iced tea, not pop, even if it isn't as manly lol!!!

Quite the little trick or treater!!!
Yup that was my lil Ella! She started at 4 pm at the mall, we went all around the whole mall from store to store, her saying trick or treat and thank you to everyone there! Cam went as well dressed as a skeleton, to scary for Jack! In fact he couldn't wear his mask cause it scared Jack so bad! Jack wanted nothing to do with his costume, but Gramma Aggie told people in the mall so he got some candy anyways!!! We got home, ate some dinner and my 2 oldest ditched me! The first year ever, oooh it hurt, the pain the pain! Tay went with a big group of her friends and Cam went with 1 of his friends and his parents.
So it started with me, dad, Ella and Jack. Again I tried to get Jack's costume on, but it just wasn't happening. So into the double stroller for him, in case Ella needed a ride later. It started drizzling just a few houses into trick or treating, I was bummed. Ella had a hood on so she was good, but Jack wanted nothing to do with his, and woulnd't let us put the cover to the stroller over his head, so I asked Jamie to take him home and figured I would walk around with Ella for a little longer. WEll she cleared the WHOLE block! And she was having so much fun she made me get an umbrella so we could go on another block! What a trooper! She was loving all that candy! We went around another whole block and were only a few houses from the car when it started to POUR! I was done and so gald to hear Ella was as well! We were soaked! Ella got a lot of loot! The funniest thing was coming home to Cam already home when Ella was out soooo much longer!!! Halloween!

Ella got this adorable outfit from Auntie Kristie for her birthday!!! Of course she looked so cute I couldn't pass up taking a few pics of her!
In these Jack is playing with his stitches like mad. I couldn't get him to stop! Things were so up in the air on these days, no one was sleeping, Jack was hurting, Ella was acting out because of all the attention Jack was getting, I don't know how I got thru the days. 10-29