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Monday, October 27, 2008

Before Halloween gets here I should update on my October 12th weekend! Another busy one! We went to my moms and on Sunday morn headed to Cole's football game with his very own cheerleader Aubrey! Even though the other team tried hard to tie up the game, Cole's team won!

After that we did a family trip to the cider mill! I will have to say that generally a mid October trip to the cider mill is in the cold fall weather, but on this day it was over 80 degrees and sunny! The kids wanted to go for a swim in the river but had to settle with dipping their tootsies in! Then we go for a nice long hike along the river, trying to chase Jack on that trail was a little nerve racking as some spots go awful close to that river! But we did manage to get the kids to sit for one pic! Oh and did I forget to mention how GOOD that cider and doughnuts was? yummmmmy!
Apparently all of that running on the trails whoooped Addi right out!

Now let me take this opportunity to also add how much Jack LOVES getting his picture taken with me!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Well thanks Megan for getting me! http://thejansenfive.blogspot.com/ I met Megan at McDonalds awhile ago and we found out just how much we have in common and started hanging out together!
I'm not tagging anyone else though as there was something similar going on a bit ago where I was tagged like 10 times and never did it! So all my blogger friends have already done this and gotten me lol! But since I never got around to it the first 10 times I will do it now lol!

1. My 1st two children were born exactly 4 years, 1 day, 4 hours and 5 minutes apart!
2. I met my hubby on the internet! And not on a paid site, he had a day off after getting home from a cruise and did a search for women in Michigan around my age group, and voila, I was the first one to appear online! I was playing pinochle with a friend and chatting with her on yahoo when I got an IM from him asking me if I wanted to chat. I said do I? As I was sick of all of these IM's from strangers and he said yes. So I started chatting! The rest is history!
3. I am just 13 credit hours shy of a double associates in vehicle design. My first one is in general studies, but I stopped taking classes when I found out none of my credits for the classes I needed to take would transfer. Then the whole car industry went bad, so I never even tried.
4. I to am a terrible house keeper! I think most people know that though, I can't stand to clean, and I am a terrible cook!
5. I was always worried that I would never want to stop having kids, but after Jack I am positive I am DONE! I'm so happy that I have this feeling because it is a much easier one than wanting more kids!
6. I take too many pictures. There I said it, it is true, everyone says you can't take too many, but I do, I know I do. I have sooo many boxes full, my computer is full, I'm out of control. On top of all that I have too many scrapbooks, like 45. So seriously, if I've done that many in over 10 years, what happens when I have almost 100 in 20 years? Are the kids each going to take 25 books with them when they move out???
7. I am not a morning person! I never have been, it doesn't matter what time I go to bed at night, I can't get up before 7 am, and even that is hard. I am a night owl for sure!
Sometimes it would be nice if I could just get one sweet smile out of Ella, instead this is what I end up with...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

So today is 1 full week of Jack being potty trained!!!
Here are some interesting things that happen in our house with the potty...

1. Each lil piece of poop that comes out needs its own wipe and flush. So there could be up to 5 flushes per poop.
2. Each of these pieces of poop must be examined for color and size and talked about.
3. Boys sitting on the pot can sometimes pee over the potty, that thing can shoot far. I tell Jack to aim down so he doesn't pee on his face. So now he always asks when he gets on, am I going to pee on my face, am I going to pee on mom's face?
4. You need a change of underwear almost everytime you go to the pot.
5. Shoes, pants and underwear need to be removed for each session.
6. I can do it myself, and I won't fall in are often yelled from the bathroom.
7. Pooping can only be done in mom's bathroom, so even if you pee in one pot, Jack must get up and make a trip to my bathroom to poop.
8. Because Jack gets stickers for going potty, he asks mom if she needs one after she does.
9. The bigger the audience in the bathroom the better.
10. There is way too much potty talk around our house...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I've been slacking! Almost 2 weeks with no post! I'm going to have to get back on the bloggin train! I got these of Ella over 2 weeks ago, her 4 year old shoot. Yes, she is 4!

Monday, October 06, 2008

I am going to start this post with a "Taylor is a sassy girl" line. Why sassy you ask? Well besides being my daughter (hehe), she is always giving me a hard time about getting her picture taken. I had all these plans of getting some beautiful pictures of Taylor in her beautiful dress. Tay had other ideas. She gave me less then 20 seconds to get a picture of her and RAN from me! I didn't get any of her alone in that beautiful dress on home coming night. I did however get a lot with her and her friends, so there are tons of photos of her, and I made her put her dress back on sunday morning and stand outside for some more photos as punishment for saturday! Ok, so anyone like you or me wouldn't consider it punishment, but I'm sure Tay did! Here are a few of my very beautiful young lady and some of her friends right before homecoming!

Friday, October 03, 2008

The nailpolish incident... It was almost a week ago, but remnants still remain. I put Taylor in charge as me and Jamie were working on cleaning up the basement. Apparently Tay had left some nailpolish in Jack's reach in her room, and the door open. Of course Jack took that as an invitation to go right in.
The next thing I know is Tay is running downstairs telling us Jack got nailpolish all over her room, we run upstairs to find Jack covered in nailpolish (literally, completely covering his hands as he had used it like finger paint, up his arms, all on his feet, up his legs, all over his clothes, on his face, in his hair), so I run to Tay's room and there is a huge puddle of it, with little Jack prints going out the door. In my panic I thought about taking pics but really didn't have time. There was about a 2 foot by 2 foot smear of nailpolish on Tay's hardwood floor. Jamie was in charge of cleaning up Jack and I was in charge of trying to get it off the floor as best I could.
After a week there is still some polish in the beds of Jack's fingernails, and daddy found this shirt to put on Jack tonight. Funny, Jack knew exactly what was on that shirt. Here are pics from tonight.
The last picture shows exactly why we keep Jack around, he is such a sweet boy, when he isn't into something!