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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sam is here! Sam is Ella's boyfriend, he keeps asking her if he is her boyfriend and she tells him yes hehe!
Sam is the next door neighbors grandson. He is up for the week while his mom helps her mom get things in order for the Memorial Service. They loved the board I made, and didn't expect it to be so nice! I also left some photo tabs and a trimmer with them so they can put the board together.
Sam moved 2 hours away and is missing Ella terribly! He gave her a big hug when he got here. His mom gave Jack a big hug cause she just loves Jack and a kiss and it grossed Sam out. And he laughed that his mom was hugging Jack. But then a little later, Sam gave me a big hug and told me he missed me. I miss Sam to, even if I'm not ready for Ella to date lol!

I wanted to leave you all with a little something as I'm leaving for the big Texas Scrapfest in just a few hours!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Ella: Mommy I got myself dressed, look i match, stripes and stripes.
Me: Ella you did a wonderful job, go tell Taylor.
Ella: Taylor I got myself dressed, I match stripes and stripes.
Taylor: Mom was just joking, you don't match.
Ella: Mom are you joking me? Do I match?
Me: You look cute Ella! I love it!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Brave girl!
Today, for some odd reason, Ella started riding her bike around again! The bike she has been terrified of for months! We went out on a long walk tonight and fast girl made it all the way around! And she kept telling us she wasn't scared anymore! She also got lessons on crossing the street tonight. Go fast girl GO!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Blueberry pickin!! How long does it take 6 people to pick 32 pounds (yes you read that right, 32 pounds!!!) of blueberries? Well if 1 is a whiny teenager, and 1 is a whiny 10 year old, and 1 is a whiny almost 4 year old, and 1 is a whiny 2 year old, it take 2 hours! Although the first 30 minutes were productive and we got a lot of blueberries (minus the pound Jack ate), the next hour and a half were only productive by 2 people, me and Gramma Aggie. I'm sure there will be stories of child labor laws to the grandbabies of Taylor and Cameron!
Next time, the kids stay home! hehe

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'm guessing the inventor of washable markers had a 2 year old very similar to Jack.

Oh yeah, this is what I get for taking a shower. I thought I threw away all of the so called "washable" markers in the house after finding they aren't in fact, "washable" out of everything. Don't let the word "washable" fool you, red "washable" markers do not come out of carpet. Now back to Jack, yes I have to shower, so I turn on the tv, give him a snack, and we are usually good for 20 minutes, just long enough for my shower. Well today, Jack found a bag of markers that Ella snagged from Gramma's. He did have fun coloring on himself. I managed to get it out of the carpet and one of my pillows though!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Some more pages I did, these will be on display at my lss, Memory Lane!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

More scrap pages for my fans that have been waiting for them!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

4th of July weekend! Can I just say, busy busy busy!??!! Ours started on Thursday with a trip to the fireworks with all the kids, and our extra kid Jordan. It was a late night for the 2 little ones, but they made it through! Jack wasn't too sure about the fireworks at first, hiding behind a blanket with just his eyes poking out to see them, cause we all know what protection a blanket is to protect you from something as scary as loud booms and bright lights!
Then Friday it was a family BBQ, and another trip to the festivities. The kids all got to pick a couple of rides to go on, including Jack and Ella! They were so cute and excited about it! Cameron chose the High Flyer, which is one that goes in circles, up so high in the air!!! Tay chose to stay on the ground! Another late night and lots of fireworks, and half way through Jack stopped hiding behind the blanket and kept telling me how pretty they were!
Saturday Mic, Kris, Cole, and Aubs, and Corey and Anna joined us for another BBQ, then off to the festivities again! More rides to ride, more fireworks to watch! Jack didn't feel like hiding that night at all for the full 40 minute grand finale, hopping from lap to lap! What an awesome show!!!
Sunday Kris took home Tay and left me Cole, but I will admit to a pretty lazy day! We did play some corn hole game, and took a walk to the park, and also got ice cream, but for the most part I just let the kids have fun and I relaxed!
Tomorrow I am off to my mom's for 3 full days! Aunt Leela is in town and I haven't seen her since last year! We will be working on some swimming, some more family photos, and I also have Leah's 1 year shoot and a family shoot for Jay and Sheila Monday! It will be a few more busy days!