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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Our first Thanksgiving was a success! How can it not be when it involves eating yummy food and visiting family? Everyone pigged out on turkey and the fixings, and then some yummy desserts all made by Gramma Aggie. There was also some Wii fun today! Check out the bowlers! And the after effects of eating turkey! And don't forget to check out my lil turkey while you are at it!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The first "big" snow of the season... One that caused lots of traffic accidents and actual snowball fights, it is official, winter is here. Jack couldn't wait to get out in the snow, so as soon as Cam got home from school I bundled the boys up and sent them outside! This was some of the best packing snow ever, the stuff that sticks to trees and gives you that winter wonderland feeling, so it made some really awesome snowballs! Of course the boys were also soaked when they got inside, but they had a ton of fun!

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Christmas tree hunt that almost wasn't... Yes you heard that right! Who would have thought that the 23rd of November was too early to get a Christmas tree? That is the date that Thanksgiving is normally after, and the date we almost always get a tree. So Corey and Anna plan on coming up to go cut down a tree with us, we get to the place, drive back like we always do, and NO one is there. So we drive 20 minutes back to our place to see if google can show us to another place in the area. Find another and no one answers. We decide to try anyways, they are home and tell us that they don't open till Friday! But she was very nice and let us get a tree anyways, just told us they couldn't wrap them for us.
Here is Jack and Ella on the WAY to get the Christmas tree, yes before any tree hunting was done, they both fell asleep in the mini.

Here are all our tree hunters! Ella and Jack had a blast running through the trees! Cameron got to help cut down the tree, I would love to say he is getting better at it but he needs to work on his technique! Tay's highlight of the day? Dad let her drive the mini to pick us up! Me and Cam hid behind a tree acting out in terror, not very amusing to Tay! And the tree hunt was a success, Corey and Anna got a very nice one and headed back home! Ours is waiting out in the backyard, after all it is much too early to put a tree up!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Man I'm not ready for snow! This is the earliest I remember it starting and it was over a week ago! Of course when Ella saw the snow on the ground outside she went nuts! The first time it snowed it melted before she got to go out in it, so this is actually the 2nd time. Jack didn't have boots or gloves! Ella doesn't have boots! But at least they have winter coats! They both enjoyed eating the snow off the picnic table! lol
I'm thinking there is a long winter ahead...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Monster Trucks!
2 of the most heard words around these here parts, Jack has brought the love of monster trucks into our house. Jamie used to have posters of all the monster trucks in his room so maybe it is hereditary? Tivo is set up to record monster trucks every morning, they lie all around our house and get stepped on often, a day never goes by without something to do with monster trucks.
Jack has quite a few, and knows the names of most, and even knows which one a girl drives, cause that is the one that mom gets to play with! I don't know which one is his favorite, tough toss up between Maximum Destruction and Grave Digger. And whenever they come on tv Jack will grab the matching monster truck and drive it around! His favorite time is when they flip over.
I'm sure when the monster jam comes to an area by us Jamie will be the first in line, and can I just say that after all this watching with Jack, I think I want to sit next to him and get to see it all in person as well?

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Ok, 2 posts in one day! I need to blog our Halloween adventures!!! It all started on a spooky thursday evening... We headed down for Halloween this year and started at Kris's birthday thursday night. We carved pumpkins, munched a lot, and visited more! There was a huge get together for a trip to Tilson street! I've never been before, it is just a street like any other by Kris's house, but all of the neighbors go all out and decorate! I'm bummed I didn't have my camera, cause it was COOL! One guy even had a full size hearse with a coffin in it that slid in and out and opened! Spooky! And he also had a fake jailbird in an electric chair that got zapped and smoke started coming out his ears! Awesome! We were walking out there for a good hour and a half checking out the spooky block, we will so be going back next year!

Jack found a guitar and was jamming! I think I know now what mommy wants to get him for Christmas, he is a rock star after all...

On Friday Gramma and I went to the gym for 2 whole hours! Not only did we work out, but we got to do some swimming, hit the hot tub and the steam room and sauna! Dang I wish I had a gym closer!
Then Friday night was trick or treating! We went to Kris's friends the Benderts, they have a great neighborhood for the kids to do their trick or treating! And of course being that Mic and Shane were part of it, instead of loading kids into the bike trailer, there were 2- 5 gallon pails with ice and beer! Everyone had walky talkies to keep in contact which came in handy for beer drop offs! This was Jack's year for trick or treating, he figured out how to do it and there was no stopping him! He didn't understand at first why we sent him to that house with a bag and told him to say trick or treat, but when the lady gave him a whole bunch of candy, his eyes got big and he said, I want to do more trick or treats mom!
I wonder what Kris is doing with the 100 pounds of candy her kids ended up with?

Jamie is outside cleaning up the yard and I was going to send the kids out with him. So Jack is running around with his shoes, but no pants. And by the time I get his pants on, can't find the shoes. Look around for a good 30 minutes, all frustrated. I want to give up but if we go somewhere today he doesn't have shoes. So I keep asking Jack hoping something will click but he keeps doing that shoulder shrug adn the I don't know noise (where did he learn that anyways?) So then I tell Tay not to leave her socks in the foyer, she needs to put them in the dirty clothes, cause I'm just picking things up while looking. She tells me, I didn't put them there, they were in my boots. Then Jack says "oh yeah, my shoes are in Taylor's boots" Yes, he put them in there. Now why didn't I think to look for Jack's shoes in Tay's boots???