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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What a day! How much can go wrong before 9 am??? Apparently a lot! Let's see, it all started with Jack waking up at 2:20 am, way earlier then I am getting used to, and when I went to get him, there was that smell, that rotten stinking smell. Bailey!!! UGH! Apparently she had a stomache ache and pooped on the carpet not once, but twice, UGH! Poor Jamie had to clean it up while I fed Jack (can we just say lucky me cause I puke each time I get stuck doing it???) I asked Jamie if we should lock her in the bathroom, no carpet in there, but he thought she was doing better, WRONG!!! I wake up to a nice size pile in the hallway at 7 am when Jack got up for another bottle! I got most of it cleaned up, but had to feed Jack, so had to get out the cleaner later. So Ella gets up all crabby around 8:30, I have to deal with her, feed her, change her. Then we go to clean up the mess, I need wipes for the wall, and I tell Ella, don't touch anything, Stupid me! I know she doesn't listen, what was I thinking?? She grabs the carpet spray and sprays it where?? Of course, right in her eyes, OUCH! She is just a screaming, and screaming, I flush them out with water, put a wash cloth on her eyes, and hope that she stops. Poor baby. Cam's friend was supposed to come over today, but after all that I called and asked the boy's parents if Cam could go there instead, thank goodness they didn't mind!
No pictures for this hellish day!!!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Jack's 2 month check up...
Ok, I thought there was a problem with the scale, is it possible that one baby, no matter how chubby, can gain almost 5 pounds in a month??? Seems a bit crazy to me! Jack weighs 15 pounds 8 ounces now, and is 25 inches long, unbelievable! He is in the 95% for height and weight, so they consider him too chubby, hehe! Everything is so chubby on him, of course he is super cute, so it is ok by me!
But with 2 month check ups come shots, and poor Jack had to have 3 of them, ouch! He screamed like I never heard him scream before, I had tears in my eyes having to watch the terror on his face. He was pretty miserable that whole day and into the next, even though I gave him Tylenol to help.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Talk about a busy weekend, well actually it started on wednesday. We drove straight to Kris's for some swimming and a BBQ, the start of a fun filled day for the kids. Then thursday we worked on our annual family photo shoot, went back to Kris's for more swimming, Gwen came to with her kids, then went to Corey's that night for more swimming and more BBQ. Friday I had to do some landscape shots for Mic, then we all went to the mall and I hit my very first Tigers game that night. We were celebrating Sheila's 30th birthday!! Tigers won, last inning, last hit was a homerun, way to win a game. We hit 5th Avenue, which is a bar attached to the Tiger's stadium, it was sooo cool, up like 5 flights and outside, you just saw the tops of all the big buildings in Detroit. Saturday was another day swimming at Kris's, pretty much all day. I took home some very tired kids saturday night, Ella fell asleep in the car, she was wiped right out. We left early sunday to come home, I put my feet up and relaxed for awhile, aaaah!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Can anyone believe that Jack is 2 months old already??? He is such a happy baby, it is so easy to get him to smile!! Just a little time talking to him and he is grinning and sometimes even giggling! Next week we are headed in for his 2 month check up, wonder how much the little chub weighs??
Tomorrow the whole family is heading to Auntie Kristies and Gramma's house! Aunt Leela is in town! She hasn't seen Ella since I was pregnant with her! Wednesday we will be swimming at Auntie Kristie's house and having a BBQ. Thursday we are working on our annual pictures of all the grandkids. Gwen is meeting with us and heading to Kris's for some swimming, then we have to head to Coreys for the night. Friday I have to do pics for Mic's business, then friday night we get to see a Tiger game, I've never seen one before so I'm all excited about that! Maybe Saturday we can relax and visit!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

My kids are home, my kids are home!!! I missed Taylor and Cameron so much and it about killed me to have them away for almost 10 whole days!! I'm so happy that they made it home to me safe and now I get to spend lots of time with them!!!
So one big happy family went all together to the fireworks last night!!! It did sprinkle for a few minutes, but after the clouds blew away we were good for the night. Taylor and Cameron got to go on one ride together before the fireworks started, then Tay ran into Jordan and her family and took off with her for a bit.
There were technical difficulties during the national anthem and you could barely hear the singer, and it just gave me goosebumps hearing everyone around me singing to compensate, of course Jamie and I joined in! What an amazing display of fireworks, they were beautiful. I love this country!
After the fireworks I took Tay and Cam to the rides for one last one. The first one we got to they were having problems with, we were out of there!!! Then I took them to one I knew they both liked, but Cam didn't want to go on. WE only had enough tickets for the 2 of them to go on together, and I couldn't figure out why he didn't want to go and I could barely hear him, but he was saying he wanted to go on a ride all 3 of us could go on together, what a sweet boy!! So off the the ferris wheel! We picked the perfect time, as we were sitting at the top you could see fireworks all around, a beautiful display! Then we picked up an elephant ear for the kids to share, ok so I had a few bites to, yummy!! It was after 12:30 when we got home, I put Jack right to bed and he slept till after 6 am! I needed that!