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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What a day! How much can go wrong before 9 am??? Apparently a lot! Let's see, it all started with Jack waking up at 2:20 am, way earlier then I am getting used to, and when I went to get him, there was that smell, that rotten stinking smell. Bailey!!! UGH! Apparently she had a stomache ache and pooped on the carpet not once, but twice, UGH! Poor Jamie had to clean it up while I fed Jack (can we just say lucky me cause I puke each time I get stuck doing it???) I asked Jamie if we should lock her in the bathroom, no carpet in there, but he thought she was doing better, WRONG!!! I wake up to a nice size pile in the hallway at 7 am when Jack got up for another bottle! I got most of it cleaned up, but had to feed Jack, so had to get out the cleaner later. So Ella gets up all crabby around 8:30, I have to deal with her, feed her, change her. Then we go to clean up the mess, I need wipes for the wall, and I tell Ella, don't touch anything, Stupid me! I know she doesn't listen, what was I thinking?? She grabs the carpet spray and sprays it where?? Of course, right in her eyes, OUCH! She is just a screaming, and screaming, I flush them out with water, put a wash cloth on her eyes, and hope that she stops. Poor baby. Cam's friend was supposed to come over today, but after all that I called and asked the boy's parents if Cam could go there instead, thank goodness they didn't mind!
No pictures for this hellish day!!!

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