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Friday, June 30, 2006

What a night!!! Jack went to bed in his bed around 10:30, and I freaked out when Jamie kissed me goodbye at 6:20!!! Jack slept through the night, I hope this continues cause I woke up and got out of bed with no problems! After his bottle I took a shower, got some laundry done and had a few minutes of me time, saweeet!
Jamie put together some of the fort yesterday and we couldn't get Ella off of it! She had a blast climbing up the slide, and even more fun going down. Was soo funny, she look terrified, the look on her face going down, tilting back, and flying off the slide onto the ground, only to get up, laugh, and do it again! I had to get the video camera out to remember that. What a crack up!
Ella is so in love with her new car. Had to get her one cause she loved Jase and Aubrey's cars so much. She plays with it all the time, it is still in the house because she can't get enough of it. My fav is when she puts gas in her car, little toys that fit perfect in the gas tank, daddy taught her this. Oh and Ella always lets you know that daddy built her car.
Tay and Cam are still on vacation, I miss them so much. It is so quiet around here without them and I can't wait till they come back to me!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It was a miracle, the kids all slept past 9 am today!!! In fact, I was the first one up and didn't have to listen to crying and screaming while I did my first few morning things. Why, oh why did the kids sleep so late do you ask?? Well it was the trip to grammas and auntie Kristies that wore them out!
I decided thursday evening to make a road trip with the kids to grammas! Yes, me alone with 4 kids in the car for 2 hours. But great news, the babies slept almost the whole way! The key is leaving at just the right moment for that long ride! We stopped at auntie Krisites on the way down to check out her new pool, and WOW, can I say WOW was it nice!!! Heated and everything! All the bells and whistles! The kids swam all day and into the evening. Even Ella went in the water, although hesitantly! Taylor didn't get out of the pool, but to eat! Cameron was generally in their the whole time as well. Ella was only in the pool a bit, clinging on to me or another adult, but enjoyed splashing on the stairs. Her most fun was had in Aubrey's toy car, and I think I convinced her daddy that she NEEDS one. Jack dipped his toes in the water, screamed and I kept him out the rest of the time.
Saturday was another day hanging out at the pool, hours upon hours!! Uncle Jay and Uncle Mic even joined us. Sunday we had brunch with the Corbins at Grampa Larry's house, yummy (also found out cousin Lisa is pregnant and due in December)! Then we hung out with Papa T's family and had a bbq. Monday was another busy day, lunch with Gramps, then more swimming at Kris's. We left tuesday morn, rested a bit at home, Cam went swimming at Levi's, then had a baseball game, his last one!!! THey won the game, 14-5! Cam didn't get any hits this game, but he did get hit both times up to bat, both times in the leg, what does that do to your batting average???
So after all that activity, guess it is understandable that the kids were so tired!!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Jack got to meet Loralei today!! I can't believe the size difference, but of course Jack weighs more then twice as much as her! Funny thing is there is only a 3 week difference in age!! Give the little munchkin time, I do believe she will catch up!
Loralei is so petite, when you hold her it feels like there is barely nothing there, she doesn't fill up your lap like Jack does! Even her features are so tiny and sweet! I got to feed her, she takes her time and doesn't guzzle, so gentle.
And Jamie was warned by Jeff to keep his little boy away from his little girl! Watch out for big daddy!

Monday, June 12, 2006

So Ella let me get some pictures of her this weekend!!! No she didn't smile, but she did sit still!!! She always makes this funny, "I don't want my picture taken, thank you" face when I do try, so this one of her puckering her lips instead is a keeper!!! No I don't need her to smile at the camera every single time, but every once in awhile would sure be nice... I can't believe how big she is getting. Ella sure is her own little person, life is all about her and if it doesn't go her way, you WILL hear her complain about it!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Yesterday was Jack's official one month old birthday! Ok, so where has the last month gone? I swear each day flies by and I feel like I get nothing done, it gets frustrating at times because there is so much that needs to be done!
So Jack weighed in at 10 pounds 12 ounces and was 22 1/2 inches long, in the 75% for height and weight which is perfect (which of course we knew). The doctor says we feed him too much!!! The little piggy is always hungry though and I only feed him when he wants to eat, and he rarely spits up. So I will keep feeding my little piggy! And at this rate he will be passing Ella up hehe!
After Jack's doc appointment Taylor and I did some shopping, I had a lot to catch up on! We hit the mall, Children's Place and the Gap for summer clothes for the babies. Then Toys R Us to check out pools, didn't get one yet, that is on our to do list cause Jamie wants to investigate. Then we hit Babies R Us, but they didn't have the Bumbo seat I wanted, then Old Navy for more summer clothes. Talk about a full day of shopping! We had to rush home so we wouldn't be late for Cam's baseball game.
Cam is doing so good at baseball, he even pays attention some of the time! The season is almost over, only 3 games left. They didn't win their game yesterday, but none of the kids ever get upset cause there is a snack after the game! This was Jack's first time to go to Cam's game, he didn't like it much though, too windy out! Grandma Aggie joined us to and played with busy Ella, but after she got a licorice she sat and watched most of the game.
Taylor didn't come to the game because she went to game night at Cramer with Jordan. They played board games and just hung out, then Jordan got to spend the night!! Tay was thrilled, the girls get along so well together and don't get to spend enough time together.
Tay and Cam are off to their dads this weekend. I hate these weekends, I really do miss those two, and I know that Ella does to. Hopefully we will be able to work on their pool this weekend though! And hopefully we will get over to Jeff and Melissa's this weekend to see Loralei!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Hard to believe that 4 weeks ago today Jack was born. Time sure does fly. Jack still enjoys sleeping a LOT, eating around 4 ounces anywhere from every 2 to 4 hours, mostly 2 hours during the day and 4 hours at night, and he sure does poop a lot, in fact every time he eats. He is starting to stay awake more through the day and even started smiling when you talk to him, and has cooed a bit at me. I swear he is the best baby, only crying when he is hungry or needs to get a burp out, and after he is content for hours. I've been giving him tummy time lately and he sure does try hard to lift that head up, but usually ends up just chewing on his arm and wiggling.
Today Ella was watching him stretch and stretching with him, then she would reach up to the sky and go "stretch", she is so cute! A few minutes later she laid her baby on her belly and pulled the baby's arms out and told her baby to stretch. What a good little mommy! I've found she has been imitating what I do with Jack with her babies a lot lately, like wrapping them in blankets, putting them over her shoulder and giving them their babas. She amazes me every day with the things she picks up, the things she says and does. Of course we still need to work on that temper, and even though she still screams a LOT, when I talk to her about it she seems to stop.
Cameron has a new buddy!!! He lives a street over and Cam heads over there almost every day, something I have wanted for him for a long time! They play baseball and swim together, outside stuff, wooohoo!! Of course last night they did put in a little video game time, but that was after a long day outside.
Jordan came over to hang out with Tay yesterday for a few hours and brought freshly picked strawberries!!! The girls hung out with Ella and played basketball, I just love how good Tay is to her little sister. Ella sure does love Taylor and always wants to be with her, and she sure doesn't like when Tay shuts the door to her room!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Melissa and Jeff had their baby friday night!!! There was a scare as Melissa's blood pressure had sky rocketed, so she had to have a c-section even though she was only 36 weeks pregnant. Way to get out of the shower Melissa, it was on saturday and of course she was in the hospital recouping! She did say she was going to go into labor and miss it! Mommy and baby are both doing great though, baby is breathing all on her own but she is jaundiced and hanging out under some uv rays today. Mommy is doing much better and even though she is swollen, it is a lot less then the last 2 days!!! Pretty scary, makes you realize how precious life it. Loralei (hope I spelled it right) weighed in at 4 pounds 10 ounces and was 17 inches long, a little peanut!!! I got to hold her for only a few minutes as she needed to catch some rays! I think Melissa and Jeff got robbed, they only got half a baby! Of course she will grow fast and be a big chunk soon!!! Congrats guys!