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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Big Babies!!!

Well the young 'ens had their check ups yesterday, we'll start with Ella. She weighed 27 1/2 pounds and is 35 3/4 inches, so just shy of 3 feet! The 75% for both height and weight, she is perfect and doing everything she is supposed to right now!

Now on to Big Baby Jack! Yes very big baby! He weighed 20 1/2 pounds, which is off the charts, but only by a half inch hehe! I couldn't believe it! And he is 27 inches long, which is 95%. Where oh where do I get these big babies? He is also doing everything he is supposed to and the doc was impressed by his strength, oh yes, and by his size!!! Poor little guy got 3 shots again, he was pretty crabby yesterday but seems a bit happier today.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Guess who's 2 today!!! Ella is!!!! And for her special day I took her to McDonald's for lunch and to play a bit, I'm soooo glad I did!!! I met some girls there that are part of a mommy group!!! Finally people to talk to during the day! They get together 2 times a month, and have snacks, talk, fun stuff like that! There will be kids there Ella's age to play with, woohooo!! Guess I didn't need to put an ad in the paper to find friends after all, hehe! We were there for an hour and a half, Ella got to run around with so many kids! And when she couldn't climb up in the play place, one of the little girls helped her, it was so sweet!

Tonight we are taking Ella to Toys R Us to pick out her birthday present and I'm going to get her some cake and ice cream! Fun stuff when you are 2!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Jamie and I got to go on a date last night, woohooo! Been a long time, so it felt good. Went bowling and I beat him 2 out of 3 games, GO AMY! We came home to Ella fast asleep on the couch, funny when I saw her this way how it makes her still seem like such a little baby....

Jack ate rice cereal for the 1st time today! He didn't even cry when I put it in his mouth, so he did good! Of course he was done in a short while, as always takes getting used to.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Jack got to try out a new toy!!! The exersaucer! I must say he loves it, he spins himself around and checks out all the toys, trying to get everything in his mouth!!! It is just so fascinating watching him take it all in, he takes his time and studies each toy, only stopping to smile at me!
And look at those blue eyes, still wondering if he will keep them? After all at that age Ella's were blue, now they are a beautiful hazelish, greenish, greyish, who knows what color, they change every day.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ahhhh sweet me time...


So Jack has been going to bed at about 8:30, 9 every night, and sleeps till about 9 am!!!! And Ella has been sleeping till 8:30 or 9, so after my treadmill, shower and breakfast, I get about 30 minutes of quiet, can you hear it??? shhhh.... aaaaah.... so sweet...
I don't even turn the tv on or anything, just sit and enjoy the silence, hehe!!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Oh my gosh, I just looked at the date and realized that in one week my little peanut will be 2 years old!!! ARGGGHHH! It seems crazy to me, it seems like I just brought her home from the hospital yesterday, and there she is almost 2 years old, no fair, yes, no fair! Of course she is still my baby, I still get to push her in the baby swing, and rock with her while she drinks out of a big girl cup at night. She's still in diapers and still needs naps. So maybe she isn't that big of a girl after all!
My favorite thing she does right now... ask her "Ella what is your name?" and she will tell you "me", and then ask her "what is my name?" and she will tell you "you". What a stink, hehe! And boy does that girl talk, and never quietly, she sure has the gift of gab! And she is always on the move, singing, dancing, jumping around!!! And she is interested in tv now, she really likes the Go Baby show and Dora, she is always asking to watch them, and thanks to TiVo she can anytime!