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Friday, February 27, 2009

Man February has been a slooooow month! I feel like we all have cabin fever, and the cure for it this week was a trip to Chuck E Cheese! For months now Ella has been saving her change for going there, of course I didn't use it today (but I am going to sneak it to the bank and put it in) and everytime she would see the commercials she would talk about going to Chuck E Cheese. It finally happened today! We met up with our friends there early, so the kids could play, then eat. We let them run themselves ragged! The 4 kids went through 180 tokens no problem!
Oh and even though Jack LOVES monster trucks, this one here was a bit too much of a ride for him, he was a bit terrified! Of course not so terrified he wouldn't go on again later!

After Chuck E's we hit Toys R Us to get a Thomas take along for Jack's trains his Aunt Kristie gave him. He held it all the way home, all zonked out! Guess all that running wore him right out!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Little sweetie...

Today in the mail I got a Valentine from Ella, she made it at school and then mailed them, what a smile that put on my face! Of course I needed a picture of her, and when Jack saw that he had to get in on the action!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

What better way to celebrate my 300th blog post then with Gramp's 90th birthday party!!! What an amazing day! Hard to believe all the things my Gramps has seen in his life, imagine witnessing the invention of pretty much everything! Even the radio was invented when he was 4 years old. All of this crazy technology! Even Gramps is part of some of it, like carrying around a cell phone!
The party turned out fantastic, what a day! Gramps has touched so many lives, and continues to do so. Anyone that has met him loves him, and is a better person just for meeting him. Everyone would be lucky to have someone half as special in their lives, and lucky me, I get the whole thing! So here are some pictures of Gramp's big day! He loved every minute of it!