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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Well it is wednesday and I'm just not getting to an about my weekend post!! Didn't know if plans were going to fall through or work out, but it ended up working out in my favor! Got to visit EVERYONE! We all got together for an early 88th celebration for Gramp's bday, and had an awesome turkey dinner thanks to mom! Man can that woman cook, I drool just thinking about it hehe!
So first stop on saturday was Krisser's, for more pictures of the sweet Addison. She decided she really didn't want to curl up like I wanted her to, or sleep any, but I got some cute ones!
Then to mom's for dinner, and some late night shopping with Taylor. I sure miss having Lakeside mall around, so big and so many stores to choose from, oooh the good ole days....
Sunday we spent all day cooking and getting ready for Gramp's bday, that big turkey dinner! Kris, Mic, Cole, Aubrey and Addison, Jay, Sheila, and Jase, Gramps and Mary, of course Mom and Tony, and all whole brood were all there! The big family get together, crazy, loud, super busy, but I enjoyed every minute of it! I got a picture of Gramps and Ella, Ella didn't get to help blow out the candles, so Gramps lifted her up, relit one, and let her try! Ella couldn't figure out how to get it to blow out and needed some assistance though, hehe! Of course I can't load it, no idea why I have such a hard time getting this to work!
We went down also to get a new minivan, but that fell through, going to do it next month instead. I can't believe we get a better deal on getting a brand new one than keeping the old one, but hey, who doesn't want a brand new, fresh smelling vehicle???

Monday, January 22, 2007

Wii are the proud owners of a Wii! Cameron's Christmas gift was finally found, was really hard to get ahold of, but he got one now! I'll have to take some pictures of them all playing it, Jamie is the funniest, the faces he makes!!! I did video tape it for awhile though lol!

Well Jack figured out how to pull himself up onto everything, nothing is stopping that little guy now! He figured this out on January 14th, and has worked on perfecting it all week! The 21st he even tried taking a step holding onto the furniture, but fell down shortly after! His poor little forehead is all bruised up from learning this new feat!

The new windows are in!!! Well not all the way in, Jamie still has some drywall to put up, and painting to do. They look so awesome, and CLEAN! You can see through them, wahooo! I can't wait to see my gas bill drop!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Baby Addison is here! Ha, faster than a speeding bullet... She is so sweet, I can't wait to see the little peanut again! She was born Friday at 1:56, just 11 minutes after my sis got to the hospital!!!

New windows are coming! Finally! After getting Nov/Dec bill we decided instead of throwing money out the window, literally, we would put that money into new windows! So how suprised was I when they asked if they could come today? Ok, more like overwhelmed! But 3 are almost in, lots more to go. Hey those are some big window holes to fill!

Jack is starting to pull himself up onto everything (pictures to come soon with his latest accomplishment)! Of course that means lots of falling down. It was so sweet today, I was cleaning with some Clorox wipes, and he fell backwards (ok, that isn't the cute part), well I couldn't just grab him with that stuff on my hands, so I was rinsing them, well apparently I was taking too long, so Ella went and started hugging him, rubbing his head, telling him he was ok!!! How sweet!

Everyone went sledding today! We finally got snow in Michigan yesterday! We couldn't get Ella out of it! She started begging me to go outside the minute she saw all that snow! Lucky for her Cam was home from school because of teacher in service, so she was out before 10 am, and for quite awhile! There were snow angels to be made, a slide to go down fast, and snow to eat! She was so cute out there!

Friday, January 05, 2007

I'm sooo bad, I know it has been too long, the holidays were crazy and so am I hehe!!!
But I'm back now and plan to be updating regularly!!! So stay tuned hehe!
I'll start with Jack cause he has been the busiest! Around 7 months he... get this... learned to army crawl, learned to sit up, and popped out 2 teeth, all in less then a week!!!! I didn't even know he was getting teeth, he didn't get all crabby like Ella always did. He was on a roll! Right before Christmas he figured out how to sit himself up, so now he crawls everywhere and when he finds something he wants to get into, he sits up and plays with it! Smart kid! He is also starting to crawl on all 4's, but gets frustrated and drops back down for his army crawl! And what a temper on the little guy, don't even try to take something away from him, he kicks his chubby legs, pounds his hands on the ground and buries his head on the floor! Very amusing!
Ella is her usual trouble making self. She had quite the Christmas, got everything she wanted, she asked Santa for 3 presents, so she got that and more! She is having fun playing with it all every day! And has become a Game Boy addict as Taylor got a new one and handed hers down!
Cameron got a Game Boy DS, so he can't take his hands off that! He used all his gift cards from Christmas on games for it! When school starts we'll have to limit his time on it, but for now I'm letting him wear out his thumbs! He also got Guitar Hero that he has been asking for forever and has to fight with daddy for turns! And the Fast Action Football he wanted gets played even, but takes up a lot of his room! Fun game!
Taylor ended up with over $600 in gift cards this year! And a bunch of clothes on top of that from her fav American Eagle. She had a blast shopping, woulnd't that be nice?? A whole new wardrobe! She also invested in a DS and doesn't have to fight with her brother over it anymore!
The whole family got a nice Lionel train for Christmas as well. Everyone takes turns checking it out, even Jack, who always seems to derail the train. Sometimes I wonder if daddy got it more for himself then the kids though...