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Monday, October 28, 2013

abc thanks card with Chomas Creations adjustable holders

I needed a quick thank you card for my daughter's teacher and love the look of "chalk" on "chalkboard" this is hot right now.  I created this card in Studio and you can get the share for it
here... abc thanks  The font I used is a Lettering Delights thin font called Sparkle.
I used the Chomas Creations adjustable marker holder with a white Signo Uniball gel pen (adjust your speed to 1 and thickness to around 3) to draw the design.  I also used a stylus in the Chomas Creations adjustable marker holder to score my card.  There is a tutorial for scoring cards here...  score card
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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Square 1 vinyl and the Chomas Creations adjustable holders

Guess who was asked to be a designer for Square1 adhesive backed fabric???  THIS GIRL!  hehe  Square1 is the un-vinyl.
Being I have been looking for a vinyl I like for a long time, I was happy to say, YES!  But of course before I try to say you just have to have something, I decided to take a few things for a test run!
My first stop was permanent vinyl on my daughter's water bottle.  I had tried a different brand vinyl and when I washed the water bottle 2 of my 4 letters came off.  I added the white permanent vinyl to my daughter's water bottle and washed it a few times and let her take it to school.  A couple of weeks later and the vinyl is still going strong! 
Here is another fun thing I did with the permanent vinyl. We have a problem in our house with the toilet seat getting lifted by the boys.  So far the reminder worked!  Yes I'm surprised! hehe

The coolest vinyl that Square1 has to offer?  Has to be the GLOW IN THE DARK!  I thought it would be fun to put it on the ceiling over my son's bunk bed.  But when he wakes in the morning I wanted him to still be able to see something fun on his design, so I added "love you, mommy" with the Chomas Creations adjustable marker holder and a fine point, original Sharpie marker. 
It is easy to add permanent marker to your vinyl.  Here is tutorial showing just how I did it!

Highlight your entire image (a), go to cut line settings (b), click no cut (c).

Highlight the image you want to draw (1), go to cut line settings (2) and click on cut.

Add your Sharpie to the Chomas Creations adjustable marker holder.  Draw your image.  With Sharpies you want a slower speed (4) and a very small thickness (1) so you don't crush the tip of your Sharpie, and so it doesn't smear.

 Again highlight your entire image (4), click cut (5).

Now highlight the image you don't want to cut (6) and click no cut (7).

Take out your marker holder and replace your blade. With the glow in the dark vinyl I used a blade depth of 3, a thickness of 10 and a speed of 8.
I weeded out the extra vinyl but kept the inside letters for "I love you".
I added it to  the ceiling above my son's bed.  He loves it!
Here it is at night. Man is glow in the dark hard to get a picture of!
The extra "I love you" went next to my daughter's bed. Here it is during the day and at night.

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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Take me out to the ballgame with Chomas Creations adjustable pen holder

While watching my niece's softball game this summer I got this picture of my youngest son intently watching and then I remembered that I had a picture of him 6 years ago doing the same thing at his brother's game.  What a difference!  Funny he was wearing orange both times hehe! 
I used the Chomas Creations adjustable pen holder with a Sakura Moonlight gel pen to draw the baseball stitching design at the top and bottom of my page.  Look how nice it looks on kraft cardstock!
I also used the Chomas Creations adjustable pen holder to draw the journaling lines in my thought bubbles.  I have a tutorial on how I made them as well as the share here... thought bubbles
Here is my completed page with Jack at 1 and at 7. 
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