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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Ok, realized today I am not on track here, I haven't been keeping this up hehe!
Jack got to meet a lot of new people this weekend, and he pretty much slept through the whole thing. Jase and his mommy and daddy came to meet Jack, but Jase wasn't very interested in the little person, he was busy with his toys and his grammas. I don't think Aunt Sheila could get enough of her new nephew, holding him and snapping a lot of pictures, I'm so proud of her with her camera! Great Gramps and Mary stopped by for a quick visit and to meet Jack as well.
Gwen and Carter came to see Jack on sunday morn, Carter is 3 whole days older then Jack, I'm sure they will be great buddies one day, but one or the other was sleeping through their entire meeting. Of course I had a great time visiting Gwen, wish we could get together more!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Well it is wednesday, half way through this crazy week!!! Both kids are napping so I am taking a few minutes to SIT!!! So sue me!
Jamie wanted to know why the house is so messy, while sitting and feeding Jack today I figured it out... here is my day, all before 12:30....
Ella wakes up, Jack follows shortly after
Ella has to wait for breakfast cause Jack is starving, I sit to feed him. He decides to spit up all over his tiny self, I cheat and roll down his collar so it isn't touching him so I can feed Ella.
Feed myself and Ella breakfast, got to hurry and eat cause Jack is fussing.
Bathe Jack, then sit to rock him to sleep, he is crabby!
Lay Jack down, clean the kids' bath tub, bathe Ella, get her all dressed.
Give Ella a bottle and lay her down for a nap.
Jack wakes up, give him another bottle, he falls back asleep, lay him back down.
12:15 pm... I can finally hop in the shower!
See, that is what I do! Now Jack is back up so I will run and grab him, and I know Ella will be up shortly, time for lunch.
That is what my day consists of Jamie. Any more questions???

Funny things Ella has said today...
Oh yes! Anytime she is excited about something she says "Oh yes"
Ella knows what a pine cone is!! That impressed me.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Well I have a few minutes... Ella is napping, Jamie and Jack are napping on the couch, and Taylor and Cameron are playing video games, a lazy sunday afternoon!!!

So this is it, the start, I'm going to try to keep this updated so everyone knows what is going on in our lives. I will post pictures to when I can!

No plans today, might have to run out and get more formula, Jack is loving those babas. I can't believe tomorrow he will be 2 weeks old already. I can't stop hugging and holding him. He is such a good baby, only crying when he thinks he is starving, but even then it is more of a whine then a full fledged cry. He is sleeping pretty well at night to, he only got up at 3:20 am for a bottle, then went right back to bed and woke up at 8:30 am to eat again, then napping all morn. Lazy little guy, hehe!
Ella is so in love with her new baby, yes her baby. She is always hugging him and wanting to hold him, they are so sweet together. And it is really the only way she will sit still and let me cuddle with her! She is one busy girl!
Corey and Anna dropped by for a visit yesterday. They brought a huge box of diapers, they will be put to good use!!!

Guess that is it for now!