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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Detroit Tigers!!!!
Taylor and Cameron got to go to their first Tiger's game on the 25th! It was amazing, just being there gives you such a rush!!! No they didn't win, but that didn't matter to us!!! Tay really didn't want me or Auntie Kristie to do the wave or get up and dance and kept grabbing my arm and pulling me down, but other then that she was loving it hehe! Cam was intriqued, I was suprised at how close attention he paid to the game! Maybe he will pick up some tips! Cole was really thinking he would catch a ball and wore his mitt the entire time! Aubrey was way more interested in the junk food then the game! There was a fire works show after the game that was awesome!!! Super fun family night!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What a week... Poor Jack, he is a miserable mess. It started last Monday, he was playing with one of Ella's toys, fell on it, and it scraped the back of his mouth, there was a lot of screaming and blood, and one scared mommy. Usually it doesn't take Jack long to settle down, but I knew he was hurting when he kept crying, breaking my heart. I wanted to get him checked out, probably should have, cause it was a long long night. Poor Jack screamed most of the night and was miserable every time he tried to swallow. His shots were scheduled for Tuesday morning and I had to put them off for so long, I felt I shouldn't wait. So he had his immunizations, then we rushed straight to the docs to make sure he didn't do any major damage. They told me it looked painful and nasty, but that he missed all the important things in his mouth and only hit tissue, still painful for him though. Nothing they could do though. Then Wendesday he wakes up with a temp of 103 degrees, eeek. Had some Motrin which controlled it, and another docs call, they said to keep an eye on him. Then diarhea all day. Up all night again. Then Thursday it was vommiting and diarhea, another call to the docs, told to keep an eye on him. Up all night again. Friday morn he wakes up pretty happy, but then up all night Friday night, more vommiting, diarhea, same with Saturday, then up all Saturday night. Sunday morn I had given up, I called the doc's again, they want us to go to Urgent Care, but of course they don't see anyone under age 2, so off to the ER. They get us right into a room, but Jack is miserable and screaming, this goes on 2 hours, still no doc. Finally a nurse asks if anyone has seen us, I say no, I'm in tears telling them I came here for help, get someone to help me. In just a couple of minutes a doc is there, then they give him Motrin for the pain and something for the vomiting. He starts to drink a lot, well a lot for what he has all week, then they let him eat some cookies, and he pigs out. He was walking up and down the halls saying hi to all the sick people, they got quite a kick out of him, as well as the nurses. A little like his old self. They send us home, doing NOTHING, and you guessed it, up all night Sunday night. Well Monday is his family birthday party, he still has diarhea, but no more vomiting. Can't go swimming with everyone, but I put his tootsies in the water, he kinda liked that. He had fun with his cake, played with it more then eating it, it was the first time I had seen him smile in days really. He even drank a baba before he went to bed, but then around midnight he is screaming again, and pretty much up all night. He woke up at 6:15 am with a dry diaper, which meant just over 12 hours without peeing, and his mouth was dry, so off to the ER again, cause these are the so called signs to watch for. They are poking my poor baby trying to get blood and get an IV in, no luck, it took 3 pokes, they did get some blood to test, but no IV in, they gave up and told us to give him water and popcycles. He is 5% dehydrated, which isn't that bad, but scary enough. Still nothing they can do for him, he is miserable and napping now, what a morning. Apparently he has a virus, nothing they can do but wait it out, nothing they can give us. We have another check up for tomorrow, just waiting for the nurse to call so I can schedule it.
But here is a pic of Jack eating his cake, can't even tell how miserable he really is here at all...

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What a super exciting day for Ella! Her last day of Discovering the 2's, next year it will be Discovering the 3's, and NO mommy there with her. Ms. Sue had a super fun filled day planned for the whole class, starting with making a bubble blower!!! There were bubbles everywhere! Then they all got to play on the gym set for a bit, burning off some extra energy. Then there was ice cream sundaes, and the kids got to pick from chocolate syrup and a bunch of different sprinkles. Last was book reading, singing, and the handing out of diplomas and a treat from Ms. Sue. Ella was all worn out by the time we got home! What a happy happy day!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Can I just say what a nut Ella is? The things she comes up with, she just amazes me day after day. These are some of Jack's toys, there are shapes that go in those holes, or in Ella's case, hands and feet go in those holes!!! She was singing and dancing, just a goof ball! See, even though she was having a bad, crabby day, she is still good for a laugh!!!

My dream of the perfect Mother's Day picture foiled again. Tay and Cam decided it would be much more fun to spend the day with their dad on Mother's Day then with their mom, makes sense...
Ella was busy playing with Sam (who says he is her boyfriend), so Jack was the one stuck taking pics with mommy. And he didn't even want to do it, squirming and trying to escape, didn't he realize this was my last chance???
So here is Jack giving me his sweet open mouth drool filled kisses (i just love em,hehe!). And then Jack walking around, his favorite thing to do right now, and can I just mention how good he is getting at it? He can stand up in the middle of the room and take off walking!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Just because I can, hehe! Here is Ella doing her ABC's!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Jack is such a goofy goof!!! I love that I have all these fun memories of him!!! Look at my baby go!

My little slugger!!! Cam is really loving this baseball thing, and getting quite a few hits, look at this double!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Have you ever met a 1 year old that doesn't like cake?? Not me, so Jack really disappointed me hehe! He tried a little, then wanted to crawl around, so much for my idea of cake all over his face and such, oh well, it did end up on his legs and belly after he crawled through it!!!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

So I actually have a few minutes and will update life even more!!! I actually got to take pics at Cam's 2nd game! Although there were winds like 100 miles an hour, and I was afraid I wasn't holding the camera steady enough, they turned out ok.
Cam actually got a hit this game, and played 3rd base, things are taking off! He really has a good time out there, and seeing him that happy makes his mommy happy! They have another game tonight, maybe they will win this one, here is hoping!!!

Jack is officially 1 year old today! This last year sure flew by fast... My little man is now walking (some of the time), has 6 teeth, loves to wave hi and by, and even says something that sounds like hi and by when he is doing it, loves clapping his hand, loves playing in the dogs water, really digs baths, so much so that he dove head first into the tub when water was already in while I was trying to get the temp just right, loves being outside, and if he isn't he is always looking outside, climbs up, and even turns around to climb down the stairs, and gets into everything!

For Jack's first birthday his Grandpa wanted to take him to his favorite spot, Hooters, oooh boy!

Jack got a kick out of the girls all singing, got his picture taken with a bunch of Hooter girls, and ate a lot (nothing unusual for him). Check out the look on Cam's face, that is the face he made when I asked him if he wanted pictures with the girls, that's a big NO mom hehe!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Well I got to go to Cam's first baseball game last night. Notice there are NO pictures, why you ask? Amy always takes pictures, that is just crazy talk. Well he played in the RAIN!!! I can't take pics in the rain and ruin my baby, er uh, I mean camera! It was the slowest moving game ever! No one was hitting, everyone was getting on base by walks alone. Then again, it was the 1st game. Me and Cam got there at 4, and didn't get done till almost 7!!! They usually only play for 1 1/2 hours. The other team was practicing next to the field it was taking sooo long. Did I mention it was COLD and RAINING? Now that is a momma that loves her son. I will be there thursday with my camera (if it is not raining). Oh and they lost, 10-0. Not because kids were getting hits, only cause they were filling up the bases with walks, and then kids got walked in!!!