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Friday, March 30, 2007

Could there be a more perfect shirt for poor Cam? I saw this and knew he had to have it! Some days Ella is just plain mean to Cam, taking stuff from him, and just plain being a pain. I know he would never think of taping his baby sister to the wall, but he sure was amused at the shirt I got him for his birthday! Oooh and he made me feel so special the other day, I told him how much I miss him when he goes to his dads and asked him if he felt he needed a break from me? He told me it wasn't me he needed a break from, but Ella! Nice to know he still loves me hehe!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Just a few things to add to the funny things Ella says...
Now how could I forget her "lapstick"? All chapsticks and lipsticks are referred to as lapsticks.
Today she told me her name is Annie Rose Chomas. I asked her what her daddy's name was, and she didn't know. I told her it is Jamie Troublemaker Chomas, she said no it is Annie Rose Chomas maker. Of course she is right, hehe!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

While these silly things are running through my head, Ella's words for some things...
Instead of calling my contacts, well contacts, she calls them my eye tacs
When we were decorating the Christmas tree she called it the palm tree
The headphones in the mini van, well she calls them ear muffins
Her backpack doesn't say Hola Amigos, but Hola meatballs
All tv's are referred to as TiVo's (yes we have a Tivo addict in the house) and she doesn't understand why they all can't pause and play the shows she wants!
And it is always so sweet when we tell her not to do something and she says "I will not"

Monday, March 19, 2007

The famous hair twirl... I do it, my sister does it, my mom does it, she says her mom did it, so passed down for generations. As soon as Ella gets a drink in her sippy cup, her fingers immediately start twirling her hair! So sweet, but it is causing some tangling problems, and she has even gotten her finger stuck a few times, OUCH!
And just a cute Jack!! He adds so much joy to our days, and he is such a fun loving little nut! Gotta love him!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Well it is official, Ella is 2 1/2! And the best news that comes with being that age? She learned to use the potty! Oooh yeah, cha-ching! Only 1 in diapers at our house now, can you tell we are really excited about this? Overjoyed whooohooo!

And now Jack is 10 months old! He has figured out how to walk with furniture and with his push toy. It won't be long now! Oh and the Cheerio in his mouth? That is to bribe him to sit still for just one minute, cause he is a baby on a mission, and sitting still for mommy is not on his list of things to do!