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Friday, May 30, 2008

I finally got all the layouts done for the wall in my scrap/family room! I love how it turned out! One frame is a bit smaller then the rest, so I need to make another and move that one, but it looks good for now!

Here are a bunch of layouts I did for my local scrap store Memory Lane.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sticky pop!
That is what Jack kept calling the sucker I gave him cause I wanted to use this idea I have seen before. What a mess!! He screamed when we took it away but I was scared to put him in the car seat with it!!! hehe
Guess I should have gotten him a pink one like Ella's, hers wasn't so bad! Sorry I have so many but I couldn't decide on my favs!!!

And here are the last of them...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

8th grade grad!!!
Tonight was Tay's 8th grade graduation and can I just say how very very proud I am??? That girl got 9, count them, 9 awards!!! All for being smart!!! 7 for getting 94% or higher in her classes, and 1 for citizenship and 1 for being on the honor roll! Super smart girl! And she is already for high school, eeeeek!
Jack didn't do so hot there, he got carried out by daddy! He kept yelling for Taylor and just didn't want to sit still!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Well Michigan finally cooperated, and I finally got the latest set of portraits for my growing clan!!! This is Taylor's 14 year old shoot, Cameron's 10 year old shoot and Jack's 2 year old shoot! More to come!

What I did on my Memorial Day weekend...

It was a GREAT one! Soooo much done, and that just makes me feel so good!!! My mommy came for a visit! She came up Friday and brought my niece Aubrey, Ella and Aubs have so much fun together, even if most of that fun is getting into trouble together!!! We all went for a walk, and did dinner at the China Buffet! Whenever my family comes to visit they love going to our China buffets hehe!
Saturday we picked up lots of flowers for the house! We worked for almost 4 hours pulling weeds, pulling overgrown flowers, trimming back bushes and vines, wheeeewh! And Jamie put in some trim to keep the dirt from washing off on the patio! It was always such a mess! Saturday we BBQ'd, yummy! And then we went to see Horton Hears a Who with the kids, even Jack went! He did good! Only took off running once, the rest of the time he pigged out on popcorn, candy, and drank my pop!! Sunday morn Gramma and Aubs left, Jack napped, and Gramma Aggie and Grampa Al came over for another BBQ! YUM!!! We went for a super long walk to walk off all the yummy food we ate and showed the Wii Fit off to Gramma Aggie, I think she likes it! She was a good hula hooper! Monday I worked on all 4 kids' pics, they are finally done! We walked in downtown Bay City finding cool spots to take pics, and I got some great ones! Those will have to get posted later as I still have some to go through!!!But here are some patio pics for now! Thanks mom, for all of your help!!!!
Next landscaping project is tackling all the dirt by the front wall!!!