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Friday, August 29, 2008

How can it be possible? I'm sitting here thinking of the date tonight and realized my Ella baby will be 4 in exactly 2 weeks. 4!!! I signed her up for preschool, she will be going 4 days a week, for 2 1/2 hours a day! She will ride a bus to get there. I have to share her now, I'm sure there will be tears (from me not her) when she gets on the bus for the first time. Am I going to be able to handle this? What will Jack do without her? Nap I hope hehe!! So here are a lot of photos of my baby, in order, starting with her first day at the hospital!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

About Jack's weekend... It was all about him, something he is not used to. There was no arguing for any attention, it was all his, no one taking away his toys, no one yelling at him... He was a different Jack. We went up to Wendy's on Saturday afternoon and went to dinner (ok, so he did NOT do good at dinner, we for sure should have fed him earlier), then went for a nice walk on the water in Alpena. Jack didn't go to sleep till 11 pm! Way past his 8:30 bedtime! Sunday he got to go pet Wendy's horsies! Then he played with Jamie and Keith at the park for hours, and met us at the beach where he got to throw some rocks and check out the sand! I wanted to stay longer at the beach but Jamie wouldn't let us, big meanie!

Friday, August 22, 2008

What is the one thing I've noticed about Jack since Ella left for camping?
He never stops talking! Seriously! My sometimes quiet Jack is a jabber jaws! Apparenty he took a back seat to Ella's jabber jaws, but it is all coming out this weekend! And should I mention he figured out the word "why"? He asks a question, I answer, he asks "why", I answer, he asks "why", it is a vicious circle.
I think he is liking this having mom to himself. He is always asking to play "baseball" with me, which is really rolling the ball back and forth, or to go for a walk, he looks forward to these each night (could be because he gets a sucker). I would love to say it sure is quiet around her being I only have 1 kid in the house, but I just can't!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The simple things in life...
Just a water fountain you may ask? Not just a water fountain to the youngins. Look at the pure joy on their faces! Although the thunder cut our time short, the kids did get a good 20 minutes of fun. Yes the boys are in shirts cause when we left the house it was warm, but by the time we got there, brrrr... It dropped a good 10 degrees! But that didn't stop anyone! Even gramma bundled up to keep a good eye on the kids!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bad haircut!
Ok, worse then bad. Poor Jack! I took him Tuesday and I didn't like it when we left, but it was still wet, and I'm thinking what do you expect for $10??? Well I wash it Wednesday morn, and it looked even worse!!! I was going to my moms, so thought, nothing I could do. I did trim the big chunk that she missed that was over his ear though! Well I get to my moms and my sis and mom are like, Amy take him back and make them fix it. So I call, the lady is nice, tells me to come back in. I let her know I couldn't till friday cause I was out of town. Later that night my bro stops by, takes a look at Jack with a funny look on his face. I'm like, it is the bad haircut right? My bro noticed?? A man??? He said he wasn't going to say anything cause he thought I did it lol!!! Well I take him in, the manager can't believe how awful Jack's hair looks. I didn't get a good pic of the back, but imagine what the side looks like, only worse, very hacked looking. She tells me she can fix the back, but not the bangs. She knew who cut it, sounds like they have problems with her. Maybe I should mention the only time Jack sits still is for a haircut, he loves them, so wasn't like he was wiggling around everywhere. And another girl recognized him and told the manager how good he did. I've been flipping his bangs up so you can't see the bad bangs! Have to wait till those grow out!

Do Do Do Do Do Dora!
That is who Jack and Ella got to see at Deer Acres this weekend! I think Jack likes Dora more then Ella does, but they both gave her a big hug and took some cheesy pics with her! They also got to go on the train, safari ride, antique cars, and merry go round! Ella braved the ferris wheel, ok so she was shaking the first 5 times around,, but then got a bit braver and stopped shaking, but she would NOT look down! Then we went to visit Jamie's gramma, and had dinner with Gramma Aggie and Grampa Al. Jack and Ella had a blast playing with Grampa's forklift and digging for potatoes.
And if you thought Saturday was busy, Sunday we went for an 11 mile bike ride and did some shopping! We are all whoooped and the kids were both in bed without arguing by 8!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

That is what Mark Spitz said about Michael Phelps. Tonight I watched Phelps take his 8th gold in swimming for the 2008 Olympics, for 14 gold medals, and 16 over all medals in the last 2 Olympics.
Me, I'm sitting here in awe. I've watched every race Phelps has won a gold medal in this year, every world record he beat (7 out of 8 finals). My heart races, I'm on the edge of my seat. Being a part of this as an American has been awesome. As the Visa commercial says, there are no adjectives to describe what Phelps has done.
I'm on a natural high tonight, what an absolute amazing week this has been, for me, for Phelps and especially for America!!!
I think this Visa commercial says it perfectly...
One gold medal is amazing...
Two is well incredible...
Three practically unbelivable...
But eight, eight gold medals, that is well, well we are going to need more adjectives for what that is. Congratulations Michael.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Ok, TONS of pages to upload! Some are from my weekend in Texas, some are just from around here, I've just been slacking with uploading! Sorry!!!