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Friday, June 29, 2007

Doctor Ella can do anything!

This is the song Ella was singing while running around with her doctor kit! The self confidence on that girl, go Ella! I hope she grows up to keep it!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Not feeling so hot...
What a bad month this has been for Jack. I've already posted about the rhotovirus. Well then Ella got a cold and gave it right back to Jack. Only Jack's little cold turned so much worse. I took him to the doc's on friday, just look how miserable he is in these pics! He had a fever of 102.6, eeeek! They got him in early and told me it was just a cold. Well fast forward to saturday lunch time. Jack is crying and fussing, so daddy watched him while I showered. I get out of the shower to find out that his lips, hands and feet turned blue, very blue. So I call the doc they tell me to get to the ER right away, no time for lunch. Of course we get there and he is all happy, telling the nurses "hi" and the nurse in triage says, ooh he looks good now. Yes of course he does, isn't it magic how kids feel better the minute you get to the ER. Well the doc sees him, says he has an ear infection, and that he isn't checking for strep throat, which he could possibly have, because he is going to get antibiotics anyways for the ear infection. He could also have a sinus infection, UGH! And for the breathing problem he is put on steroids. He fell asleep on my chest at the ER, he was so not feeling good, that isn't my Jack. When we got home the advil had worn off and his fever was 103.5. Some more advil and a nap later, he was feeling a little better saturday night, slept most of the day sunday, and continues to improve, wheeewh!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

This is for everyone that thinks Jack is such a little angel!!! He can be such a stinker!! I don't know how many times a day he gets dragged out of the dog water, maybe too many to count? We keep the dishes clean now, cause there is just no stopping him! And he gets soooo mad when you take him out! Talk about a temper! He throws himself on the floor, will bang his head on the floor, flip around, and just scream!!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Here's friend Ella!!
That is what Ella says to Jack when he gets out of bed each morning! And lately she has been so huggy, I love it, she hugs my leg and always tells me "mommy I like you". Well baby, momma likes you to!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

So I finally talked Jamie into setting up the pool! I swear he is such a fuddy duddy some times! I know the kids will use it, I mean they were in there playing yesterday for over an hour while it was filling up. Even Jack loved it! He kept playing with the hose but screaming when he would squirt himself in the face, silly baby. He was soaked but having fun! Ella ran around in there the longest, playing with Jack's baby float, she could sit in it all the way so she stuck her feet into the little holes, sat on the edge, and used her feet to scoot around.
No pictures of that, but here are the ones of monkey Jack climbing the slide to make up for not posting them last week!!!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Ok, so I know I tell everyone how funny Ella is, and the things she comes up with all the time, but today she reached an all time high! Tay and Cam were running through the hose, super soaked, and Ella thought it looked like fun, so she had to go inside and get her bathing suit on. After one short squirt with the hose, she ran and hid by daddy, and when asked if she wanted to run through the sprinkler, she said, "no it's to wet". What a goof! Water, wet? Really? That kid cracks me up!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What is going on in little Jack's life? He is one busy guy I tell ya! Yesterday he figured out how to climb up the slide all by himself!! What took the rest of the kids till after age 2, Jack is doing at 13 months! Such a monkey! So now I can't go far from him in the backyard, cause he thinks if he turns around by the ladder he will be able to get down from the fort all by himself, ummmm Jack? Did you notice you are 5 feet above the ground?
Jack started saying Tee, for Taylor!!! He looks at her, tries to get her attention and yells Tee, Tee, he gets so excited! She should feel super special as his vocabulary only consists of ma, da, baba, ball, bye and now Tee! Of course ball is his favorite!
I was watching him play today, admiring his cheesy smile, and it reminded me just how much he looks like Cam, it amazes me some times! Hey lucky me, 2 really good looking guys!!! Moms, watch your daughters!
Where did Jack's hair go?


That was what Ella asked me today while they were in the tub, I poured a cup of water over his head, and his hair is soooo blonde it disappears. She couldn't figure out where it went lol!!!
She comes up with some doozies, such as...
Now her favorite thing to say is "or something". She asked my dh, are you sick or something? Or she says, "whatever your name is". I always mess up the kids names, so I say, Tay, Ella, whatever your name is. So she does it to me and dh, mom, dad, whatever your name is. Little smartie pants!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Put me in coach!
I think Jack is ready! He is already fascinated with all balls, every time he sees one he goes nuts, yelling, ball ball ball! So one of his first words! He was watching the boys play, he didn't want to leave the fence, and was watching that ball like crazy!!!

Playing outside... The time passes quicker, the kids are more content, and of course they have a ton of fun! I love this play fort, Jamie and I worked hard building it, and although Taylor outgrew it all too quickly, Cameron still has fun with it, and Ella and Jack have a ton of years ahead of them to have fun on it. Yes it was very hard to move from one yard to the next, but I think it was well worth it (don't know if Jamie thinks the same thing hehe).
Ella likes to stand up on things (flipped over laundry baskets, chairs, now the fort) and sing really loud, so here she is singing to me, her made up songs! And Jack figures if Ella can climb all the way up the slide, he should be able to to!!! Oh and of course Jamie joined in on the sliding fun!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

White hair? Aubrey is so sweet, I was telling her that Jack has the same blonde hair as she does, and she felt his soft hair, and told me "we have white hair, not blonde hair". How cute is she? But she is kinda right, it is lighter then blonde!

Well it is finally done! Jack's 1 year shoot! I wanted to wait till the bruises faded on his head (HA funny me), then he was sick and miserable for 2 weeks (ok so we both were), but here is my little man! Jack at 1! Getting into trouble, walking everywhere, and an all around happy go lucky guy! Gotta love him!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

So what is going on over here? I guess I need an update! Jack is better, he had me quite scared fo awhile, and the lack of sleep was getting to me! So he finally fought off the rhotovirus, eeeeek! Funny how after being dehydtated how excited I got to see his diaper full of pee in the morn! He is back to eating, smiling, laughing and walking everywhere to get into trouble! So back to our old Jack, I sure missed him!
Cam had his appointment at Detroit Children's Hospital monday. The new doc is upping his meds, and we are scheduling another MRI, and a 24 hour EEG, which means we will be at the hospital that long, eeeeek! She wants Cam to be seizure free, meaning the medication controls the seizures, not his lack of activities or such. That makes me happy, I just want to feel that he is safe when he isn't with me, not having to worry so much (is that possible?).

Also did a photo shoot of baby Addie on Monday! What a doll!!! I can't get enough of the lil' peanut, she is sooo stinkin cute! And cause Jack was there as well, here he is, in a pink bucket hehe! I figured I would change these to black and white anyways, but hey, boys can't sit in pink buckets, right???