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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ella had her first dentist appointment today!!! She was soooo excited to go, sat like a big girl in the chair all smilie, got her teeth counted and cleaned, and was still smiling when we left! She also got a Tigger electric toothbrush, she was so excited to use it before bed tonight! We had to have a talk with daddy cause he wasn't brushing her teeth good enough, and let him know he needs to count to 10 when he does it!!! So tonight there was a lot of counting as I put her to bed, we will work with big daddy tomorrow night! No cavities!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Oooh my, worst blogger ever!
How could I forget to post about Ella starting school?? It is only 1 day a week, for 2 hours, but look at what a big girl she is! It is a 3 year old discovery days. They mostly play, but do a craft each time, and sing songs and read books! She loves it and asks every day if she is going to school! And each time we drive by, she is like, there is my school! Too cute!

All my nieces!!! I got to see them all this weekend, how lucky am I to have these sweet girls in my life??? I love them all to pieces, and look how beautiful they are!
This weekend I was asked to be Leah's godmommy, how could I resist that sweet face! Of course I said YES!

Seriously, this is Jack crying cause I wanted to take a picture of him, and I wouldn't let him have my lens cap, then I gave him my lens cap and he cried cause I wouldn't let him put it on my camera!!! A bag of fruit snacks later... 1 smile, hehe!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Taylor won her basketball game yesterday!!!! And she scored 8 points, gooooo Taylor! Of course I missed that one, I have a nasty cold that goes with a nasty headache, and Jamie is still working on that bathroom, so I didn't have the energy or patience to take the 2 little ones to the game, so no pictures, waaah.
I am soooo proud of my Taylor!!! Woohoooooooo!

Monday, September 17, 2007

This is your Jack update, come and get it!!! He is officially 16 months old and one busy little guy! His vocabulary increases daily and here are a few of his favorite words right now...
ball (clear as day, used most often, everything that is round is a ball)
away (he says this after I change his diaper and he wants to throw it away, we go to the garage together and he throws it "away")
Addie (we always look at her picture on the fridge together, I can't wait till he can show Auntie Kristie how he says Addie when he sees her)
Biii (AKA bite, when he wants what you are eating)
Biii (what he says when he sees a bike)
wa er (AKA water, then he steals mine)
Ni ni (night night, when I lay him down to sleep, so sweet)
Baba (well baba of course)
Bobbob (when he wants to watch SpongeBob)
Buh (for book, he has his fav that goes to nap and bed with him, Clap Hands)
Pop (he is always trying to get some, but NO way! he is tooo little)
Bailey (our dog of course)
Ba eee (baby, he loves looking at babies!)
Belly (and of course he shows it to you)
I know there are more, many more, but this is the majority, he is soooo smart!
Now he has also figured out where his belly, hair, teeth and toes are!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Gramma Aggie decided that Ella needed a Spongebob cake for her birthday, and googled designs and spent a lot of time making this fantastic cake for Ella. Ella loved it! She was just soooo excited! I do believe that made Gramma Aggies day! Ella also got a Dora bike from her Gramma Aggie and Grampa Al. She is still working on figuring out the pedaling thing, but getting better at it every day!

So I saw this costume and thought it would be perfect for Ella, or as we call her in costume, Fifi!!! She had to put it on right when she got home, she loves it! But she didn't want her picture taken, big brother to the rescue!!!

Ok, so I am a bad blogger, but I didn't know where to start, so much has happened in the last week or so! First off, Ella turned the big 3!!! I can't believe my baby is that old, and she is soooo cute, and sooo smart and soooo sweet, I just love her to pieces. I took Ella and Cameron to downtown Bay City for her 3 year old shoot, and figured Cam would be a good help, he smiles and lets me take pics, and then Ella will do it, worked like a charm!!!! So here are 2 of my gorgeous kids...

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Well today was the 1st day of school!!! Cam had to be there at 8 am, he was still half asleep in these pictures hehe! With all the excitement he had problems falling asleep the night before. Lucky for me, Ella, my alarm clock (yes I forgot to set the alarm, great first day) right on time, whewwwh! So a quick breakfast, meds, tooth brushing and a hug and he was off to his first day of 4h grade!
Taylor really didn't want her picture taken, but I did convince her it needed to be done! I'm glad I did, this was her first day of 8th grade, her last year in junior high! She didn't have to go till noon today, so we got to eat lunch together and talk before her big day!

So it was time, Jack's hair was in his eyes, over his ears, and just way too long!

So off to get his 1st haircut. I asked the lady if she was up for a challenge, but silly me, Jack, the baby that doesn't stop moving, made me a liar! He sat there, and just sat there, and sat there, he didn't wiggle, jump, or any of that! He sat still, can you tell I'm still in amazement? WOW!
And of course, my baby doesn't quite look that babyish anymore. He looks like such a big boy!!!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

So Ella said something that just cracked me up today and I have to put it on here, pic or not!!!!
Daddy came out of the bathroom this morn in just his shorts, no shirt. Ella looks at him and tells him to put a shirt on, he says he just wants to lay down in his shorts. She says "But daddy people will see your man boobs and they will laugh at you". Yes the things this kid comes up with!!!