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Monday, September 17, 2007

This is your Jack update, come and get it!!! He is officially 16 months old and one busy little guy! His vocabulary increases daily and here are a few of his favorite words right now...
ball (clear as day, used most often, everything that is round is a ball)
away (he says this after I change his diaper and he wants to throw it away, we go to the garage together and he throws it "away")
Addie (we always look at her picture on the fridge together, I can't wait till he can show Auntie Kristie how he says Addie when he sees her)
Biii (AKA bite, when he wants what you are eating)
Biii (what he says when he sees a bike)
wa er (AKA water, then he steals mine)
Ni ni (night night, when I lay him down to sleep, so sweet)
Baba (well baba of course)
Bobbob (when he wants to watch SpongeBob)
Buh (for book, he has his fav that goes to nap and bed with him, Clap Hands)
Pop (he is always trying to get some, but NO way! he is tooo little)
Bailey (our dog of course)
Ba eee (baby, he loves looking at babies!)
Belly (and of course he shows it to you)
I know there are more, many more, but this is the majority, he is soooo smart!
Now he has also figured out where his belly, hair, teeth and toes are!!!


Anonymous said...

So sweet! I'm still digging that hair cut!

Robyn said...

Aw, I can't wait for Maggie to start using words. He is such a cutie!