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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yes another for today as we had a very busy weekend I need to catch up on before a very busy Christmas gets here! Sunday was decorate cookies with gramma day! No we didn't make that many cookies, you can buy them already cut into shapes and just bake them, so that is what we did, besides the fun is in the decorating, just ask my kids! So I got to bake 12 dozen cookies!
A whole lotta pictures from the weekend, hey it was a busy one!!! I'll start with Christmas at my dads! Got to see Gramma and Grampa, all the aunts and uncles, and all of the cousins! It was a busy day with lots of yummy food and nice catching up. The kids all had fun running around and making noise! And cousin Lisa had a super fun game for them to play which involved a lot of boxes all wrapped up, she is so creative! So here are a bunch of pictures for my mom to catch up on how everyone is!

These get to go seperate with a different story! Gramma wanted to see Ella's new Barbie and was asking her questions about all of the good things in the box (that weren't allowed out for fear of getting lost). She asked Ella, look at those trophies, do you think she got those for being beautiful? To which Ella responded, no I think she got those for winning a race!
I loved watching her with Ella, reminds me of how she would talk to us when we were little, asking questions, telling stories. I love my gramma!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Seeing Santa? Yes I was worried, Jack didn't much care for him last year, but this year he climbed right onto Santa's lap, listened to a story and told him he wanted monster trucks for Christmas! Ella ran right up, gave Santa a hug and sat next to him, wide eyed, playing with her hair and listened to the story as well, and told Santa she wants a pony bus. We will see, I think there may have been a shortage of them this year, UGH!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Yes it is true, lucky Ella has 2 Gramma's that love her and spoil her rotten! Of course she is still looking forward to a visit from Santa... just don't ask her what she wants for Christmas or you could be there all day listening to her long list!

Every Christmas, and a few times throughout the year, out comes the Lionel train! The train that daddy wasn't sure about getting, but I knew he really really wanted. This is our 3rd Christmas with it, and Jack is in LOVE with this train. He sits there and just watches it going around and around, sometimes slowing it down, or making it go backwards, but always fully focused on that choo choo train!

Now will also be a great time to show you Jack's new shirt! I think it speaks for itself hehe!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sunday was the big day, the tree was up, the kids were ready (ok, so that isn't true) for their annual in front of the tree Christmas picture! It actually went pretty smooth this year (never mind that Taylor pinned Jacks legs down with her legs to keep him from running away), they smiled! Well not so much Ella, but everyone else did! And of course I had to hop in one of the pics with my cute kids!