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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Talk about a busy weekend, well actually it started on wednesday. We drove straight to Kris's for some swimming and a BBQ, the start of a fun filled day for the kids. Then thursday we worked on our annual family photo shoot, went back to Kris's for more swimming, Gwen came to with her kids, then went to Corey's that night for more swimming and more BBQ. Friday I had to do some landscape shots for Mic, then we all went to the mall and I hit my very first Tigers game that night. We were celebrating Sheila's 30th birthday!! Tigers won, last inning, last hit was a homerun, way to win a game. We hit 5th Avenue, which is a bar attached to the Tiger's stadium, it was sooo cool, up like 5 flights and outside, you just saw the tops of all the big buildings in Detroit. Saturday was another day swimming at Kris's, pretty much all day. I took home some very tired kids saturday night, Ella fell asleep in the car, she was wiped right out. We left early sunday to come home, I put my feet up and relaxed for awhile, aaaah!

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