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Friday, December 28, 2007

Saturday we did our annual Chomas family Christmas!!! And of course we were all spoiled rotten as usual! Dad got a gift card to Home Depot, a handsaw and some martini glasses. I got a gift card to the scrapbook store and some gloves. Tay got 2 gift cards for shopping and some body wash. Cam got a game for the Wii and a remote control helicopter and some books. Ella got Squakers McCaw, a talking parrot, Wac-a-mole and a talking piggy bank. Jack got a ball pit with 120 balls and a bunch of puzzles! We got Pa some super expensive whiskey, a remote control helicopter and a bunch of cheese and Ma got a foot massager, a set of knives and a bunch of pictures she had been wanting. See, all of us got spoiled!!! We all loaded up and went to Ponderosa for dinner, so no clean up around here! Then we played toys all night!


Broken Beth said...

happy new year chomas family!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a blast! Though, I have to tell ya, you gotta be careful with that wack-a-mole game . . . at our house it turned into wack-a-mora.

It wasn't pretty . . . at all.