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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Jack's 18 month check up...
Was rather interesting today, to say the least! All he did while I tried to talk to the pediatrician was run, open cupboards, run, climb on stuff, run, tried escaping out the door, run, get into things, and run, and did I mention run around like a mad man? She actually asked me if ADD ran in the family! Guess she is worried about our future, lmao! He is very busy to say the least. I tell her the teeth story and she sees the scar on his tongue, and says, oh did they stitch it? Thinking they were from the same time, I'm like no, that is from awhile ago! :duh: Seriously, that BOY, sheeesh!
So he is almost 32 pounds and almost 3 feet tall! So she showed me the growth chart and said he is average size for a 3 year old!!!! WOW! Well he is almost as tall as my 3 year old nephew, but still, that is BIG!
As far as his constantly runny nose, she said that is normal because of the bigger kids bringing home germs. So guess it is something to live with!
Oh and let me just add the possiblity of Jack having NIGHT TERRORS! I asked her about him waking up screaming and she thinks that is what it is. So tonight I'm supposed to go in and rouse him, not wake him all the way, about 30 minutes before he would normally have them. Wish me luck that I don't wake him up completely so that he never goes to bed tonight!

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