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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Quite the little trick or treater!!!
Yup that was my lil Ella! She started at 4 pm at the mall, we went all around the whole mall from store to store, her saying trick or treat and thank you to everyone there! Cam went as well dressed as a skeleton, to scary for Jack! In fact he couldn't wear his mask cause it scared Jack so bad! Jack wanted nothing to do with his costume, but Gramma Aggie told people in the mall so he got some candy anyways!!! We got home, ate some dinner and my 2 oldest ditched me! The first year ever, oooh it hurt, the pain the pain! Tay went with a big group of her friends and Cam went with 1 of his friends and his parents.
So it started with me, dad, Ella and Jack. Again I tried to get Jack's costume on, but it just wasn't happening. So into the double stroller for him, in case Ella needed a ride later. It started drizzling just a few houses into trick or treating, I was bummed. Ella had a hood on so she was good, but Jack wanted nothing to do with his, and woulnd't let us put the cover to the stroller over his head, so I asked Jamie to take him home and figured I would walk around with Ella for a little longer. WEll she cleared the WHOLE block! And she was having so much fun she made me get an umbrella so we could go on another block! What a trooper! She was loving all that candy! We went around another whole block and were only a few houses from the car when it started to POUR! I was done and so gald to hear Ella was as well! We were soaked! Ella got a lot of loot! The funniest thing was coming home to Cam already home when Ella was out soooo much longer!!! Halloween!

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