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Monday, December 17, 2007

The little ones went to see Santa today!!! I thought for sure Jack would be excited and sit with him, he had a lot of run ins with Santa and he never freaked when he saw him, he even got excited and said "Santa, Santa, ho", yes only one ho, I am working on getting him to say more lol! Well nope, Jack did not want to sit on Santa's lap, he didn't cry and scream, just said "no", his usual. So a picture of Jack trying to get off of Santa's lap, oh well.
Now Ella on the other hand, so sweet, walking right up there, sitting on Santa's lap, giving him a big hug, listening to the book he was reading, telling him she wanted a pony for Christmas (the $250 pony Butterscotch, the stuffed animal that is 3 feet tall and neighs and moves), she was as sweet as can be!
Cameron has decided that he is too old for sitting on Santa's lap this year, bummer...

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