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Wednesday, February 03, 2021

New Brother Scan N Cut engraving tip

By request I've started carrying the original engraving tip for the Brother Scan N Cut machines.  It will work in the entire line of Scan N Cut machines.
I like the engraver better on acrylic when you are filling in areas of a design, as seen in the photo.  
I've had requests to engrave on leather which you would need this original engraving tip to do.  
So yes this is different then the precision tip.  It isn't as sharp and has other uses.  It will engrave as well, I just find the precision tip works better for finer details and the engraving tip works better to fill in designs. They both have a use :)  The Chomas Creations engraving tip for the Scan N Cut is available here now... new engraving tip
Here is a comparison of the 2 tips.

As you can see the precision tip on the right comes to a much finer, sharper point and the engraver on the left is still sharp but less of a point.  I do offer these for other die cut machines such as the Cricut and Silhouette and wanted to offer them to my Scan N Cut users as well.
Here is a design I filled in today with the new Scan N Cut engraving tip.  I've got it on an LED light base here with the red light.

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