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Friday, January 05, 2007

I'm sooo bad, I know it has been too long, the holidays were crazy and so am I hehe!!!
But I'm back now and plan to be updating regularly!!! So stay tuned hehe!
I'll start with Jack cause he has been the busiest! Around 7 months he... get this... learned to army crawl, learned to sit up, and popped out 2 teeth, all in less then a week!!!! I didn't even know he was getting teeth, he didn't get all crabby like Ella always did. He was on a roll! Right before Christmas he figured out how to sit himself up, so now he crawls everywhere and when he finds something he wants to get into, he sits up and plays with it! Smart kid! He is also starting to crawl on all 4's, but gets frustrated and drops back down for his army crawl! And what a temper on the little guy, don't even try to take something away from him, he kicks his chubby legs, pounds his hands on the ground and buries his head on the floor! Very amusing!
Ella is her usual trouble making self. She had quite the Christmas, got everything she wanted, she asked Santa for 3 presents, so she got that and more! She is having fun playing with it all every day! And has become a Game Boy addict as Taylor got a new one and handed hers down!
Cameron got a Game Boy DS, so he can't take his hands off that! He used all his gift cards from Christmas on games for it! When school starts we'll have to limit his time on it, but for now I'm letting him wear out his thumbs! He also got Guitar Hero that he has been asking for forever and has to fight with daddy for turns! And the Fast Action Football he wanted gets played even, but takes up a lot of his room! Fun game!
Taylor ended up with over $600 in gift cards this year! And a bunch of clothes on top of that from her fav American Eagle. She had a blast shopping, woulnd't that be nice?? A whole new wardrobe! She also invested in a DS and doesn't have to fight with her brother over it anymore!
The whole family got a nice Lionel train for Christmas as well. Everyone takes turns checking it out, even Jack, who always seems to derail the train. Sometimes I wonder if daddy got it more for himself then the kids though...


wjh8787 said...
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ChrissyW said...

awwwwww Amy that pic of the kiddos is amazing! well DONE!!!

Beth said...

Go Jack! Sounds like her is moving right along!

lionel lines fan said...

Have fun with the train. I hope everybody gets a chance to control it in turns in their own fashion. In my perception, you can not start young enough with toy trains!