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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Well it is wednesday and I'm just not getting to an about my weekend post!! Didn't know if plans were going to fall through or work out, but it ended up working out in my favor! Got to visit EVERYONE! We all got together for an early 88th celebration for Gramp's bday, and had an awesome turkey dinner thanks to mom! Man can that woman cook, I drool just thinking about it hehe!
So first stop on saturday was Krisser's, for more pictures of the sweet Addison. She decided she really didn't want to curl up like I wanted her to, or sleep any, but I got some cute ones!
Then to mom's for dinner, and some late night shopping with Taylor. I sure miss having Lakeside mall around, so big and so many stores to choose from, oooh the good ole days....
Sunday we spent all day cooking and getting ready for Gramp's bday, that big turkey dinner! Kris, Mic, Cole, Aubrey and Addison, Jay, Sheila, and Jase, Gramps and Mary, of course Mom and Tony, and all whole brood were all there! The big family get together, crazy, loud, super busy, but I enjoyed every minute of it! I got a picture of Gramps and Ella, Ella didn't get to help blow out the candles, so Gramps lifted her up, relit one, and let her try! Ella couldn't figure out how to get it to blow out and needed some assistance though, hehe! Of course I can't load it, no idea why I have such a hard time getting this to work!
We went down also to get a new minivan, but that fell through, going to do it next month instead. I can't believe we get a better deal on getting a brand new one than keeping the old one, but hey, who doesn't want a brand new, fresh smelling vehicle???

1 comment:

AmyWhit said...

Love the last photo, Amy. She's precious. It sure sounds like you guys had a very busy weekend! I enjoy those weekends with family too. We have a big, loud, obnoxious family...sounds like you might be able to relate to that!