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Monday, January 22, 2007

Wii are the proud owners of a Wii! Cameron's Christmas gift was finally found, was really hard to get ahold of, but he got one now! I'll have to take some pictures of them all playing it, Jamie is the funniest, the faces he makes!!! I did video tape it for awhile though lol!

Well Jack figured out how to pull himself up onto everything, nothing is stopping that little guy now! He figured this out on January 14th, and has worked on perfecting it all week! The 21st he even tried taking a step holding onto the furniture, but fell down shortly after! His poor little forehead is all bruised up from learning this new feat!

The new windows are in!!! Well not all the way in, Jamie still has some drywall to put up, and painting to do. They look so awesome, and CLEAN! You can see through them, wahooo! I can't wait to see my gas bill drop!

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