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Monday, March 19, 2007

The famous hair twirl... I do it, my sister does it, my mom does it, she says her mom did it, so passed down for generations. As soon as Ella gets a drink in her sippy cup, her fingers immediately start twirling her hair! So sweet, but it is causing some tangling problems, and she has even gotten her finger stuck a few times, OUCH!
And just a cute Jack!! He adds so much joy to our days, and he is such a fun loving little nut! Gotta love him!


Amanda said...

Ok, Jack looks like he is gonna play some serious football! Love it!


ChrissyW said...

awwww - TOO CUTE!!!

LesleMora said...

I LOVE that picture of Jack! Too adorable.

Jenna said...

My dd Abby does the same thing! Mostly when she's sleepy. And yes we've had a difficult time getting her hair unwrapped from around her finger, lol. Kids are too cute!