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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Well it is official, Ella is 2 1/2! And the best news that comes with being that age? She learned to use the potty! Oooh yeah, cha-ching! Only 1 in diapers at our house now, can you tell we are really excited about this? Overjoyed whooohooo!

And now Jack is 10 months old! He has figured out how to walk with furniture and with his push toy. It won't be long now! Oh and the Cheerio in his mouth? That is to bribe him to sit still for just one minute, cause he is a baby on a mission, and sitting still for mommy is not on his list of things to do!


Jessica said...

i am just loving these new pics of them! thanks so much for emailing them to me, i can't wait to print them out and play!!! :D

ChrissyW said...

CUTE - love the cherrio - and she's a DOLL!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yehaw! Only ONE in diapers is excellent news! The pictures of adorable. Love that smile on Jack's face!